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Reviews: from plan B in Syracuse on ' casual food’ A series of Friedrich Schmuck

by Ada Parisi
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If ever that of Friedrich Schmuck was plan B, now it's definitely become the plan to. The young chef siculo-South Tyrol now is the mind and arm “Plan B – Casual food“, pizzeria and restaurant a stone's throw from the island of Ortigia, the beating heart of Syracuse. Thirty-nine, lived in Rome until 11 years, South half and half-Sicilian, Schmuck was to become a dentist but then found himself making the pizza maker. And does it skillfully, accuracy and dedication. After attending the University of Pizza in Vico Equense, in 2011 Schmuck has opened its local, soon became one of the most interesting gastronomic reality of Syracuse. In the years, but it has been expanded, even today, the most loyal customers choose to sit in the old Auditorium, warm colour which turn on orange. To me, instead, He liked the new part, patterned in shades of grey and white, post industrial style furniture. Throughout, Sixty seats, with a nice summer terrace, managed by a young and extremely courteous room service, under the watchful eye of mom Fiorella.

THE PROPOSAL – Plan B-Casual food wants to be a container of good food, first of all Sicilian, but also typically Italian, always on the cutting of seasonality and quality, with an eye on Dop, PGI and Slow Food. In the menu not only pizzas but also a nice selection of salads, gourmet burgers (from 8,50 to 9,50) and grilled meats of choice. The Roman past of Schmuck you notice especially in appetizers, where there is no lack of supplì, Fried artichokes, cod and Zucchini Flowers in batter. From plan B do not use frozen products or preservatives. French fries are fresh and hand-cut, beef and veal come from Piedmont Consortium “La Granda”. Even the loaves and buns for the burgers are all made in house, including large leavened products, as the panettone and doves. For those who don't like fried foods, from the garden there's also la parmigiana (5 euros) and seasonal vegetables in various cooking methods. Vast section of salads: from 4 up to 15 euros euro misticanza “salad plan B”, a hearty dish with grilled Piedmontese beef tenderloin, mushrooms, avocado, nuts, tomato, pears and capers of Salina. From Sicily and Italy lead the ingredients of platters of cold cuts and cheeses that are always present in the menu of plan B.

To all customers, Plan B offers a welcome that, in our case, It was a basic Basil flatbread and mortadella Bologna Pgi. Despite wanting to leave adequate room for pizzas, We still wanted to try some starter. In rice balls (1,80 euro) We got a good Breading, crisp and dry, a tomato sauce and meat well done, a generous topping of mozzarella. With a freshly cooked rice less would be fine, but I found it still head and shoulders above most of the rice balls that I tried in Rome.

Great fresh fries with cheese and pepper: not oily, crispy, tasty and delicious with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and a good pecorino cheese not too salty. Among other Roman-style fries are fried paprika menu, Classic or with cheese and Bacon (between 4 and 5 euro); the large fried Sage leaves, rice balls, pumpkin and Zucchini Flowers in batter (14 euro for two persons); Zucchini Flowers (1,80 euro) or the cod in batter (6 euro, Friday only, When you can often find even a pizza with cod fish among the ingredients.

THE PIZZAS – Friedrich Schmuck, as befits the best pizza chefs, is a scholar of the dough, who manufactures in various types, allowing the customer to choose the most suitable depending on your pizza on the menu. Schmuck using flours Petra (Molino Quail) It proposes five batters: Pizza shovel (with biga and high hydration); Classic (direct dough) in the variants without Roman and Neapolitan cornice cornice; Gourmet in spontaneous fermentation (without using yeast); integral with bran; spelt. Not all bodies are present every night, because preparation times, maturation and leavening are significantly different and complex to manage together. Among traditional pizzas, We tried the Neapolitan pizza with cornice: crisp disk, fragrant and toasted not, clean the bottom, with cornice developed, Lightweight and perfectly-wrap, well cooked and dry inside and bubble-free external burner. Very good San Marzano tomato sauce, the mozzarella ragusano, the capers of Salina, oregano and anchovies. Pleasing to the palate finishing with extra virgin olive oil.

Great taste and accomplishment even pizza “Vita mea”: spontaneously fermented dough, slightly higher than traditional underlies both the cornice. A crispy batter, with beautiful scents of wheat, -wrap, light and crispy. Served cut into wedges, to facilitate the tasting, the pizza is topped with mozzarella ragusano, grilled ham, Slivers of caciocavallo ragusano. A paper pizza delicious, “Your death” with mortadella Bologna Pgi, cream cheese and pistachio. Pizza prices vary little, on average between 8,50 euros and 9,50 euro.

Among the creative pizzas, There is a daily proposal off the menu: the pizza with the veal with tuna sauce, made with nailing cooked at low temperature for 7 hours and then topped off with the classic tuna sauce and capers. Also of interest is the “Pizza Nebrodi”, with smoked cheese, stewed leeks and Nebrodi black piglet cheeks. Great wine selection, with prevalence of Sicilian wines, and some beers with regional crafts (including the Sicilian Tarì and the now famous Baladin).

Frost cinnamon – plan B


Among the desserts, that vary each night according to the creativity of the confectioner Fiorella, We tried a cinnamon Frost, aromatic and sweet enough, with the right texture but soda reminiscent of the best bakeries frosts Palermo. Simple and pleasant even the presentation, with chopped pistachios and a stick of cinnamon.

cannoli cheese – plan B

Orthodox, and good, Cannoli with ricotta: made with ricotta cheese (in August, the ricotta is not available on the market), sweetened with balance, with a very crusty rind, well cooked and crumbly, and with high-quality candied fruit. The result is sweet but not cloying. Ultimately, the “casual food” of plan B is certainly one more reason, If ever proof were needed, to visit the wonderful Syracuse.

(Visited in August 2017)

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