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Reviews: Pizza Mater, gourmet pizza in Fiano Romano-female Amalia Costantini

by Ada Parisi
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Amalia Costantini, at some point in their lives, After more than fifteen years of work in the textile industry, He decided to change his life and listen to your heart, devoting himself to cooking and gastronomy have always fascinated. Amalia studies, following professional courses (with Maurizio Tired, with Gabriele Bonci), and choose to invest in their home country: Fiano Romano, just 30 km from Rome, where the hills of Sabina, home to an extraordinary olive oil Dop. Thus was born Pizza Mater, a modern restaurant, opened at the end of 2015 in a residential neighborhood of Fiano Romano, a few kilometres from the A1 Milano-Napoli: for those who live in Rome a short walk to a destination not to be missed for lovers of gourmet pizza.

The philosophy of the whole wheel around Mater sourdough Pizza, that Amalia has produced alone starting from flour, from water and an Apple. And here in this functional and friendly pizzeria, Amalia drew (Company General G3 Interiors of Ferentino) not to mention any particular, the colors of white and beige recall for the white flour and the crusts of bread. The atmosphere is cozy, with pickled white and light wood tables and chairs, well separated from each other: the only drawback, the restaurant is very noisy. At the entrance, the ears of wheat in vases, the great breads butter croissants in the basket and immediately recall that we raised a temple of sourdough. You can tell even flicking the pizza menu, divided into classic, vegetarian and gourmet. For its preparations, Amalia chose professional flours Molino Vigevano (Gold 1 Fiber and Moreschina), and worked until you come to a light batter, Italian style, with an eye to the Neapolitan tradition, with a nice cornice at times crisp. The basic dough comes from a semi-wholemeal flour (Type 1), but for an additional charge of one euro you can have a pizza with whole wheat or Multigrain dough. Workhorse of the local is the use of PDO, PGI and Slow food, as the onion of Montoro, the capers of Salina, Chickpeas of Navelli, pistachios of Bronte, capocollo di Martina Franca. Obviously, mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop is, or is it a mozzarella di Agerola. Tomatoes are San Marzano Dop, the anchovies are of Cetara, the pacchetella's tomatoes, the smoked cheese is to Agerola, mortadella is the historian salumificio emiliano “Alcisa”, the Dab-bred grey pork sausage, the olives are those of Taggiasca.

The restaurant not only focuses on pizzas. In addition to the ubiquitous fried offerings, mostly of Roman tradition (rice balls, meatballs, potato croquettes: from 2 to 4,5 euros), There are also platters of cold cuts and cheese quality (16 euros). On the front kitchen, Pizza Mater offers a small offer of seconds mostly meat (rib of beef, black Angus Burger, the chicken breast with potatoes at 15 euro) or chickpea veg burgers (8 euro). In paper also cooked vegetables (5 euros) and various salads, from vegetarian (6,5 euros) the ' Earth’ (8 euro, with mixed salad, chicken breast and Parmesan cheese) until the vegan (9 euro).

In my taste, I started of course with a classical Roman that unfailingly commanded at every pizzeria I visit: the supplì traditional version, and then meat sauce (2 euro). First of all, applaud in tomato sauce that is vital both in the rice balls in both pizzas. In this case, It was excellent. Rice, for my taste, was not quite al dente, but I couldn't call it Sage. The Breading was crisp, Although slightly more oily than necessary. Good and stringy cheese inside. Then, I tried the fries: prepared with potatoes of Avezzano or Lioness depending on availability. I found it good, crispy, not oily and with the right amount of salt. In paper, even potato croquettes (4 euro), meatballs with olives, mozzarella and mortadella (4,5 euros), the fritto misto (10 euro).

Let the pizzas. Among the classic I chose, as usual, a red and a white pizza pizza. The redhead was the “Regina Margherita”, prepared with basic dough and topped with San Marzano Dop Tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala campana Dop, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil at 0 km (9,5 euros). A well crafted pizza, with the dough cooked to perfection and light, not burned, Saber, with crisp edges, soft but not too soft in the Center. Great tomato sauce, the tastiest part of this pizza, simple and perfectly managed. I appreciate enormously the addition of fresh basil when cooked.

For the white pizza, I chose to experiment with l’ whole wheat dough. Pizza “Bolognese” (11 euros) made with mortadella of salumificio di Alcisa, mozzarella di Agerola, parmigiano reggiano 24 months, chopped pistachios of Bronte, extra virgin olive oil at 0 km, did definitely Center. This white pizza I especially liked the dough, It has all the extraordinary scents of wholemeal flour, a smaller, soft cornice, very well-wrap and a slightly higher base and spongy. The pairing, Classic, between mortadella, Parmesan cheese and pistachio is winning, especially when the products are of a high standard. I haven't tried, but I will definitely be back to try it, Velvety pizza: cream of pumpkin soup, National Bacon and chopped hazelnuts. From 6,5 to 8 euros you can choose between fried pizza and calzones, like that classic (mozzarella and ham flavor), the calzone with Escarole or the fried pizza classic (with seasonal vegetables).

We come to the chapter of gourmet pizzas, they are made of mostly (but not exclusively) with a basic focaccia, on which draws its taste with Amalia Costantini pairings now traditional, unusual time. At the suggestion of staff, I tried the “Pizza Martina”: with burrata pugliese, capocollo di Martina Franca, olives, extra virgin olive oil (17 euro). The burrata served at the right temperature (environment), capocollo cut not too thin. In fact, There is no question of a pizza but a focaccia, soft and high, that oven cooks by herself and is then garnished with ingredients sought and particulars, like the smoked (mashed potatoes, chianina beef smoked twist lock: 16 euros), or the autumn Wind (14 euros), with chickpea Navelli, Alcisa mortadella and pistachios. In addition to basic focaccia gourmet, There are pizzas as “The Fragrant”, with mozzarella in Agerola, gorgonzola Dop, caramelised Williams pear with rum and walnuts (12 euros). These gourmet pizzas have much higher costs than those of classic pizzas, on average 14-16 euro, with a peak of 22 euros in the one with the tuna carpaccio.

To close in sweetness, You can choose the homemade cakes, the tiramisu in different variations (gluten-free hazelnut, or pistachio or strawberries), or trifle. All cakes are priced by 5 euros. I tasted a trifle really well done, with an excellent pastry cream and with a balanced flavour of Alkermes, served among other things in a more than generous portion.

As for drinks, the proposal is divided between draught and bottled beers, mostly in German. A wide choice of spirits, from grappa to bitters and liqueurs, including Anisetta Meletti Sambuca and. Limited choice of wines and sparkling wines. Prosecco is a little’ from master, Although these pizzas some nice but Lazio's elegant red and rosé wines from other regions would find a perfect match. Pizza Mater is also a coffee shop, open for breakfast, all leavened cakes and home made. Next to the pizzeria, There's the Irish pub run by a son of Amalia, with an offer of over 36 beers and sandwiches of various kinds, all made with natural yeast of Amalia. At Easter and Christmas, the laboratory of Amalia Costantini bakes, In addition to pies and leavened, even doves, Pandoro and Panettone always made with sourdough. Highly recommended.

(visited in March 2017)

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