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Reviews: Olio&Farina, in Rome pizza in Neapolitan style by Sasy Fiorenzano

by Ada Parisi
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UPDATE: Sasy Fiorenzano left the pizzeria in September 2018 to devote himself to his personal project. We will keep you.

If you are looking for a local 'gastro-jocks’ perhaps this not for you, but if you want to eat one of the best pizzas in the Neapolitan style that I've tried so far in Rome, then you have to go Olio&Farina. The pizza is coming out, perfectly cooked, from the oven of Salvatore “Sasy” D'Elia Fiorenzano, member of the family Fiorenzano, famous in Naples for having created one of the most traditional fast notes in the district Montesanto, leading her away from the twenties until 2009. Today brothers Sasy and Luca D'Elia, inheritors of that tradition, lead to Rome's restaurant and pizzeria “Olio&Farina”, together with some members Lucan and dad Ciro, which he deals in the first pastry. The local, located between the neighborhoods and Tuscolano Appio Latino (Metro A – Colli Albani), It is open from 2015: looked after but simple, for families and young couples, It has about 80 seats and offers both Neapolitan-style pizza (soft with high ledge), both in Roman style (crunchy and low edge).

Pizzeria Olio and Farina, Rome

in pizzeria, Sasy and his help pizza chef Gianluca Guarino, use for their bodies a double zero flour (Agugiaro&Figna Molini, The line for pizza 5 Stagioni), no yeast, water and salt reduced in magnitude and not to condition the rising both for a healthy reason. The leavening times are between 48 and 72 hours. During the drafting of the disk is used cornmeal coveted (or durum wheat semolina), that give a nice crunch to pasta, drying moisture without dirtying the oven as it happens with wheat flour. The firing temperature of the oven is 420 degrees, not too hot, so as not to create bubbles burned on the edge and allow a weight pizza (250 grams, the dough) to be perfectly cooked in the cornice. The Olio&Farina pizzas&are shared into classic and gourmet. Both are topped with raw materials chosen with care: tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil of the Sabina, mozzarella di bufala campana Dop, red onion from Tropea, Yellow tomatoes datterini, dried peppers, caciocavallo podolico, olives, burrata di Andria cheese, sardella Calabrian (juvenile fish seasoned with chili).

Pizzeria Olio and Farina, Rome

Olio & Farina is also a restaurant, with meat and fish mainly from Campania food tradition , Roman and Sicilian. We are, however, concentrated on pizzas, not to mention a little taste of appetizers. The proposal aims on Neapolitan fried classics, all well made and served in choreographic aluminum containers: good the potato croquettes with salami and mozzarella (1,5 euros), tasty mozzarella “carriage” (6 euro for two pieces), really good (and it could not otherwise be seen that these are the heirs of Fiorenzano) the traditional fried montanara, crunchy on the outside and not greasy (3 euro). Do not miss the appetizers of the Roman tradition: abundant and tasty sauce for the rice balls with meat sauce (2 euro), with touches of meat and melted cheese, and not overcooked rice. In paper, even the rice balls with cheese and pepper, the cod fillets (5 euros) and the flower of fried pumpkin (2,5 euros). Excellent fresh french fries (4 euro) we recommend that before you order pizza.

Pizzeria Olio and Farina, Rome

high board, well cooked but not burned (few blackened bubbles), with clear hints of bread, slightly crunchy hard and not flabby, resistant to moisture cheese and tomato: that of Olio&Farina is a Neapolitan pizza that wants to be stronger than many pizzas that are served in a number of Naples historical places that we tested. And this is an experiment, continuous research, Sasy who is pursuing consciously. Soon you may get paper also an integral mixture to complete the line.

Pizzeria Olio and Farina, Rome

The prices are very competitive. The classic pizzas of Olio &Farina ranging from 6,5 € Margherita pizza up to 10 euro pizza “Marechiaro”, with clams, mussels, shrimp and squid. For the gourmet pizzas range hardly changes and you go from 10 to 12 euro. To try, between the classical, the "Romana" pizza (although we would have preferred the whole olives and not pitted olives, as taste good); pizza Diavola, with a fresh tomato and slightly acid to counter the spicy salami; pizza “capricciosa” with mozzarella, artichokes, olives, mushrooms and a great ham.

Sasy experiments and studies the combinations of gourmet pizzas with an attention to the freshness, that make the very interesting dish: particularly good the “They Kreke” with mozzarella, Pillow, avocado cream and mousse Style. balanced, tasty, not heavy, cool thanks to an avocado cream with a small addition of lime. Tra gourmet, which are also served subdivided into individual cloves, also very good pizza “"Faccia Giall'"”, with buffalo mozzarella Pdo, tomato confit yellow datterino and emulsion of oil and lemon: this is also a pizza with a nice hint of acidity, so with a remarkable freshness that you leave eating until the end.


Worthy of note, the pizza “"Si’ nato baccalà"”, with olives, dried peppers, cod fish, caciocavallo Lucan and smoked cheese. A hearty pizza, the pasta cooked to perfection and with a dressing made of high-quality products.

Ciro D'Elia, father of Sasy and Luca, leads the pastry: pastiera, caprese chocolate, a baba really well done and delicious, rum with a delicate and a soft pasta. These sweets that suggest. Less convincing, instead, strudel. From spring to autumn, In addition, on the menu you can also find the truffles of Pizzo Calabro, in various flavors.

Chapter beverage includes a short list of Italian wines, some craft beers, as BrewFist and Beer Lucan. Although, with such a list of pizzas, and qualitatively correct ingredients as those used, It should work to enrich the beers choice, offering a wine range of new Italian and international brewing trends. As for the room, the pizzeria-restaurant Olio&Farina is courteous and fast enough.

If you live in the area I recommend segnarvi address. If you do not live in the area, It is very close to the subway, however, let us jump, because it really worth.

(visited in January and February 2018)

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elisabetta 6 March 2018 - 08:46

What goodies, definitely worth trying when I come to Rome

Ada Parisi 6 March 2018 - 12:08

Absolutely! Maybe I thee company! a hug, ADA


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