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Reviews: Diego Vitagliano, the panzers of the Neapolitan pizza

by Ada Parisi
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The transfer of the seat from Pozzuoli to Naples Agnano gave a boost of energy to the already hyperactive Diego Vitagliano, young and talented pizzaiolo (33 years and two children), holder of “10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria” that's working good for almost Teutonic rigor and organization of its local. Although his style has led him outside the canons of traditional Neapolitan pizza, codified in the specification Stg, Vitagliano went on his way decided on pizza: almost raft, with a soft and very pronounced cornice, cooked perfectly, a soft disk but not yielding, which does not become waterlogged, and a filling rich, always tidy cuisine and almost gourmet traits. People come here to enjoy the pizzas, fried foods and sweets that provides daily pastry Etoile. And the Vitagliano commitment does not end here: in September 2018, work will begin for the local expansion with a section dedicated to gluten-free pizza and July 2018 will open the terrace where will be served pizza and champagne.

The pizzas come in four types: Marinara, Daisy, Jodhpurs and Montanara. Each type is divided into two categories: traditional pizzas and revisited. Prices range from 5 to 10 €, with a truly remarkable relationship price quality. The ingredients used by Vitagliano are selected from Dop, PGI's Baby (Traditional Agri-Food Products). Among these, DOP San Marzano tomatoes and Agro Sarnese Nocerino, tomato Piennolo Dop Vesuvius, mozzarella Dop buffalo, fior di latte, provolone and ricotta Agerola, extra virgin olive oil Cilento, garlic dell'Ufita of the valley and the wild garlic, Sorrento walnuts, lemons and mandarins of Campi Flegrei, Provolone del Monaco, pecorino Carmasciano, The Caciocavallo, oregano Matese, fillets of Cetara, the Caiazzane olives. Dall'orto family, in Monte di Procida, comes one of the vegetables used in the kitchen.

The pizza Diego Vitagliano

The flour used is that of the Molino Varvello, in Lombardy. The choice fell on the mark “Flour Full”, Italian produced with grains, through the patented processing method and named “Faithful”, developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna, allowing you to retain the best parts of wheat germ, making more nutritious dough (Fiber rich) and digestible. The dough in Vitagliano style is indirect (contrary to what is required by the regulations Stg), with the use of a chariot idratatata to 40%, that arrives to 65% of hydration at the end of kneading the dough. The maturation and leavening are long, at least 36 hours, with a controlled temperature cycles (4 degrees) which is followed by others at room temperature.

10 Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano

The new restaurant is very large, 143 seats divided into two large rooms, in addition to 40 external seats, and it was built on the ashes, it is appropriate to say, a restaurant damaged by fire. The tables are made of wood, well-spaced, the metal chairs. The style is post-industrial, with white walls alternating with stone walls and a large counter to view, beyond which working Diego and 3 other pizza makers: two form the disc, two seasoned and firing in the two large ovens in sight to the sides of the counter. Completing the framework on which two passes are finished the pizzas, under the heat of heat lamps so that it does not cool. Each pizza is carefully controlled and relieved to make sure that the bottom is no trace remains of the furnace soot. Even any bubbles blackened cooking are eliminated before the pizza arrives at the table. A fully transparent organization, In short, that gives the client the opportunity to witness the entire process of what you eat.


Pizzeria 10 by Diego Vitagliano

The pizzeria is always open, except Mondays at lunch, Vitagliano day that the team dedicated to team building, right in the Anglo-Saxon style. In the local work 30 people every day, including cleaners, staff dedicated exclusively to the kitchen (where you realize fried and sauces for pizzas as the Genoese and Parmesan), staff prepares and bakes and pizzas and dining staff, where the service is fast and precise as a Swiss watch. All youth, highly motivated, the guys in the room were working with Diego Vitagliano already in Pozzuoli: courteous, fast, informed, efficient, make a simple pizza eating a high-level experience. In any pizzeria I saw an organized room service so maniacally. All, in a room that produces on average 400 pizzas from Monday to Thursday and 700 on weekends.

Excellent appetizers, compounds from the classic fried Neapolitan (for which Diego uses a sunflower oil with high oleic acid content, able to remain stable even above 200 degrees of temperature). In paper, White arancini and the flowers (2 euro), while we have tasted for simple and fine potato croquettes (1,5 euros), the excellent mozzarella in Surrey (1,5 euros), the omelette bucatini in the classic recipe with bechamel, smoked provola, peas, meat sauce (2 euro). Fry well done, not greasy, very pleasant.

Pizza parmigiana Diego Vitagliano

Among the pizzas, We tasted the “Parmigiana”, with aubergines of Campi Flegrei, mozzarella of Agerola, crispy rind cheese Grana Padano, Neapolitan urchin basil and extra virgin olive oil Dop Cilento: parmigiana is prepared daily in the kitchen and the pizza is rich but not heavy. Nice idea of ​​parmesan rinds that are crispy cooking, giving an interesting play of textures and a boost of flavor.

Pizza Tonnina Diego Vitagliano

Yet, we tried the Tuna, with Cetara tuna, mozzarella di bufala campana Dop, semi dry tomatoes, crispy onion, lemon, ginger and mint. Little present ginger, but definitely noticeable the mint and lemon scent, with a degreasing bell'impatto sull'untuosità tuna and mozzarella. A pizza in good balance.

Pizza Parmiciotta Diego Vitagliano

In paper also some special pizzas which defines Vitagliano “revisited”: the “Parmiciotta”, with Eggplant, provolone Agerola, urchin basil pesto, pig of Campi Flegrei; pizza with green peppers, buffalo milk cooked, pork sausage of Campi Flegrei and caciocavallo; pizza with three citrus of Campi Flegrei, sifted with ricotta and mozzarella of Agerola, orange slices, vanilla, lemon and tangerine, thyme and black pepper. Also interesting are the pizzas with classic sauce traditional bell, as the Genoese or Neapolitan ragù sauce, made in the kitchen by a cook that is dedicated solely to these preparations.

Baba cream and strawberries by Diego Vitagliano

Fair selection of craft beers (that soon it will be expanded), mainly hiking with bells in Northern Italy (from 5,50 a 12 euro). Classic, well-made cakes (everyone at 5 euros), which they are produced daily by the pastry Etoile: we tried the classic Neapolitan baba with cream and strawberries, really well done.

(visited in June 2018)

10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria
Via Nuova Agnano 1 – Napoli
tel. 081.18581919

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Fantastic from appetizer to dessert
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