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Ratatouille baked vegetables

by Ada Parisi
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Ratatouille di verdure al forno: leggera e versatile. Ricetta perfetta

Forms of vegetables au gratin, or vegetable ratatouille baked. A summer dish (Yes, summer, even if you turn the oven) because the more good ratatouille is made using seasonal vegetables in summer. Tomatoes fleshy, the peppers, aubergines and courgettes.

The recipe of baked vegetables that you do have customized after endless tests. It may seem trivial, but the addition of bread crumbs is critical. On one side, protects the vegetables from excessive heat the oven, on the other, mixing oil, creates a kind of cream on the bottom of the pan which makes everything tastier. For something extra. you can serve the ratatouille of vegetables baked in a BREAD BASKET CARASAU.

Obviously, the pan of baked vegetables in the kitchen is a recipe wildcard: outline, Starter, condiment for rice or pasta salads, filling for sandwiches or gourmet omelettes. And it's even a great filling for pies such as PIE ratatouille AND BUFFALO MOZZARELLA CAMPANA DOP. In short, do not skimp when preparing baked vegetables, you will use them in a thousand ways. Is, If you like, I remind you that you can follow all my video recipes, videos on the productions made in Italy and the interviews with the chef on my channel YOUTUBE. Have a good day!

Ratatouille di verdure al forno: leggera e versatile. Ricetta perfetta


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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2 long aubergines
1 red pepper and 1 yellow not great
300 grams of Pachino tomatoes or Datterini
3 romanesche courgettes not great
1 onion
breadcrumbs, to taste
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste
Caster sugar, to taste
herbs to taste (oregano, Basil, Thyme, Marjoram)


Ratatouille baked vegetables

To prepare the ratatouille of vegetables in the oven preheat the oven to 200 degrees static.

Carefully wash all vegetables. It is important that you affect vegetables trying to obtain pieces of regular size, so that they cook evenly.

Cut tomatoes in half. Eliminate the ends of the eggplant and cut into thick slices 2 cm, then striped and cubed (not small, Remember that the very volume lost in cooking eggplant). Remove the stems from the peppers, then remove the seeds and the white parts and filamentous. Also Cut the peppers into regular pieces.

Cut the zucchini in half lengthwise, then into thick slices at least 1 and a half centimeters.

Clean the onion removing the peel and slice into slices not too thin.

Coat a baking plate with baking paper and brush the entire surface with a little extra virgin olive oil. Spread a little salt and grated bread on the baking paper. Arrange vegetables on baking sheet. I like to present them in an orderly manner and dispose of vertical stripes according to the ingredients. If you prefer, you can also mix the vegetables before putting them in the pan. The key thing is that the vegetables are distributed in a single layer, otherwise the result will not be what you expect.

Distribute the tomatoes in the pan with the part of the skin facing downwards. For the other vegetables do not worry. Season the tomatoes with salt and sugar and the only other vegetables with salt. Spread a little grated bread on all the vegetables, then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Complete putting on the vegetables in the onion slices and herbs of your choice.

Bake in oven at 200 degrees until the vegetables are cooked through. Bon appétit!


The vegetables in the pan are a real joker in the kitchen: you can use them as a side dish with meat, fish or eggs. You can use vegetable ratatouille baked to make an omelette, filling for sandwiches sweet tooth, as a dressing for a cold pasta or rice salad. In short, preparatene in abundance because you will surely find a way to use them in the kitchen.

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