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Pizza with mozzarella, olives, capers and anchovies

by Ada Parisi
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Even a pizza: This is one of my favorite combinations: olives, Capers, anchovies, Buffalo mozzarella, fresh oregano (from my balcony) and tomato. Tasty: Capers give your geek. The doses that we do are for 4 pizzas very, very large: enough to well over 4 people. The dough is usually, What a long leavening that found in section “basics”: the pizza is crisp and easy to digest.

Ingredients for 4 large pizzas:

  • 4 Pats from 250 grams each of pizza dough (for the recipe click here on ‘basics‘)
  • 500 grams of fresh mozzarella di bufala Dop
  • 600 millilitres of tomato sauce thick (better if tomatoes are ' San Marzano ')
  • fresh oregano, to taste
  • Capers, to taste
  • black olives, to taste
  • anchovy fillets in oil
  • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • papá, to taste

Prepare the dough according to the procedure indicated in ‘basics‘. Preheat oven to highest degree. Put the tomatoes in a bowl and season with oil, salt and fresh oregano, letting it cook for at least 15 minutes. On a well floured place your ball from 250 grams and begin to spread it by applying pressure with your fingers so you get a thin disk. If you like thin and crispy cornice (as to me) then take the disc with a past’ of rolling pin. If you prefer it a little’ often, roll the dough with your fingers by pushing it towards the edges so that they have a bulging appearance. Put a little oil on pizza and spread it on the surface: will serve to protect against liquid tomato pasta. Distribute the tomato on pizza, the anchovy fillets and capers. Grind a little black pepper and bake for 6 minutes, then pull it out of the oven and put on the Buffalo mozzarella and olives. Cook 4 minutes more and churn out: a tour of oil, a few leaves of oregano and is ready: eat it hot!

THE PAIRING: We suggest a beer with this tasty pizza. We chose the “ALE” Turbacci brewery, produced in Mentana, in the province of Rome. A Lager beer (5,8% ABV.) top fermentation, with hints of white fruits, herbal notes and aftertaste.

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kitty's kitchen September 6, 2013 - 10:37

This sauce is to die for! :)
A slice now pleaseee!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 6, 2013 - 10:48


Cósima September 5, 2013 - 23:17

Gentillesse. Tengo debilidad por la mozarella di bufala. Estupenda.

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 6, 2013 - 10:48

Gracias Cosima…


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