Pears with wine sauce and chantilly with orange

Poached pears with wine sauce and custard with orange: a simple but sweet-tempered, also perfect to finish off a big dinner, like Christmas or new year's Eve, where it takes a while’ of lightness but also a lot of goodies, The custard orange is fragrant and fabulous red wine sauce and spices is Michael Roux.

A sauce flavored with cinnamon, orange zest and cloves, I fell in love with and that fits perfectly with the sweet, and especially with the stewed fruit, But even with rich meats such as venison or duck. The PEAR is cooked in water, sugar and Marsala and then allowed almost candy inside the wine sauce. In short, easy stewed fruit.

Pears cooked with chantilly orange will win you over: I am a perfect dessert to end an elegant dinner in a light but delicious. At this point I suggest you take a look at all my recipes CAKES WITH FRUITS: Tarts, cakes, ice cream, Panna cotta, Bavarian, sorbets and puddings. Have a nice day.


Pere cotte con salsa al vino e chantilly all\'arancia

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