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Peppers and potatoes stew

by Ada Parisi
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Peperoni in umido con patate: ricetta siciliana facile e leggera

Peppers and potatoes stew, a peasant Sicilian recipe that I love since I was small. Also today, then, a vegetarian dish, quick and easy to prepare, cool, Lightweight. The peppers stewed with potatoes are a very versatile recipe that can be used simply as a side dish. Or even as a main dish for lunch or a light dinner combining it with an egg eye and crispy bread waffles. Find this and other typical and traditional recipes of my beautiful island in the section SICILIAN RECIPES.

The key thing is not to cook the vegetables too long, so they do not lose texture and color becoming soft, grayish. When I was little I ate very cooked vegetables. Too cooked. I have learned over the years to appreciate the crisp vegetables, consistent and with a little salt, so you feel perfectly all natural taste of vegetables.

The peppers stewed with potatoes are one of the dishes of my Sicilian summers by the sea. Prepared by my mom with onion, our Sicilian bread and peppers, Rossi and pulpy. One of the most popular along with PEPPERS STUFFED SICILIAN. As you can see, I would recommend that you use the red peppers, not only because they create a nice contrast in the pot, but because they are sweeter and thicker than the yellow ones and green ones.

If you love peppers, you can peek through all my RECIPES WITH PEPPERS and try, For example,, the PASTA WITH ROASTED PEPPERS, BURRATA AND BLACK OLIVE, or delicious RUSTIC CAKE RICE AND PEPPERS. The dark egg, an egg to eye with very soft yolk, gives the dish that bit’ of fat’ that enhances the vegetables. It will be still very light, but also quite pleased, I guarantee. The best temperature to taste the peppers stew with potatoes is lukewarm. Have a good day!

Peperoni in umido con patate: ricetta siciliana facile e leggera


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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6 medium size potatoes

2 red peppers

1 red onion

a clove of garlic

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste

fresh basil, to taste

4 fresh eggs

8 thin slices of homemade bread


Wash the peppers, clean by eliminating the upper part with the petiole, the seeds and all the white parts and the inner filaments, then cut into medium size pieces. Wash potatoes, Peel them, cut them in half and then into slices not too thin. Clean the onion and slice it.

Brown the potatoes over a high heat with extra virgin olive oil, until they are lightly browned on the surface, season with salt, pepper and add the onion. Brown, cover the pan with a lid and cook for 10 minutes over low heat. The steam that forms during cooking should be enough to keep moist potatoes, but if that's not enough you can add a little hot water already.

Combine the potatoes with peppers, season with salt and pepper and continue cooking, always with the lid, for another 10 minutes: the peppers must remain firm and crispy. Even in this case, If it serves, you can add some hot water. Once cooked, add some fresh, hand-broken basil to the vegetables and let it cool.

If you want to serve the stew of peppers and potatoes as a side dish, you have already finished your preparation. If you want to make a single dish, as I did, toasted bread slices in a little extra virgin olive oil, Then prepare the eye egg, breaking them in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin and dressed with salt and black pepper. cook them just, because the yolks must remain fondants.

Composition of the dish: put in each holth some stewed peppers and potatoes, lay over a wafer of toast and one egg deporvi eye, then decorate with the second wafer of bread and garnish with basil and black pepper freshly ground. Bon appétit!

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