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Pavlova with strawberries and raspberries

by Ada Parisi
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Today a really sweet spring: strawberry and raspberry pavlova. Candida meringue and cream even more candid, lit by the red notes of strawberries and raspberries and the green of herbs. I, I really love good Sicilian confectionery, I wanted to prepare a version mignon, to eat in two bites. I know the pavlova-size is a beautiful sweet, I would say monumental. That brought to the table amazes the diners But I preferred these mini pavlova garnished with small strawberries of Terracina and raspberries, also for your convenience. The pavlova, at the cut, crumbles relentlessly while in this case is nice and will remain beautiful, until the last bite.

Of course you can decorate the cake with your favorite fruit, but in strawberry season I couldn't resist. That's why I suggest you take a look at all my RECIPES WITH STRAWBERRIES, as the CREAM TART AND STRAWBERRIES FRESCHAnd or the SOFT CAKE WITH CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES. I would have liked to use mango or maracuja as well, but I've found, so I opted for the red fruit, which in my opinion warrants the glance on the candor of the meringue.

Italian meringue must be candid

One word on the Italian meringue (that is raw egg whites with sugar): as you can see is white, Candida. And so must be: to get it, you don't have to succumb to the temptation of quick. Cooking the meringue is slow, very slow and very low oven. The recipe of Michael Roux, that I followed in doses, includes a 100-degree cooking for an hour and a half, but in the picture I saw her lightly browned. I baked at 80 degrees for 2 hours and then I let it dry in oven until cool shells. I am satisfied with the result. And what do you think, try this strawberry and raspberry pavlova?


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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4 egg whites at room temperature (120 grams)
150 grams of caster sugar extra fine
150 grams powdered sugar
a pinch of salt
300 ml whipping cream
sugar, just enough to sweeten the cream
300 grams between strawberries and fresh raspberries
mint leaves for garnish
thyme for garnish


Put in a large bowl the egg whites and granulated sugar until stiff and mount them with an electric mixer or with a planetary. When, lifting the beaters, whites will be white, transparencies, swollen and firm, combine salt and powdered sugar and beat for another minute or two, until all the sugar won't be well blended to egg white.

Preheat oven to 80 degrees static. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Put the egg white mixture into a piping bag and, using the tip that you prefer, form of round to oval meringue nests, then with a spoon remove the middle part to form a nest that you will fill with whipped cream and fruit when cooked. With what further fate of small meringues of various shapes and sizes, with which you can decorate your cakes, Since you retain (If sealed and kept in a dry place) up to one month.

Bake for 2 hours, until the meringues will not be harsh to the touch and shiny, then turn the oven off and let dry meringue inside until completely cooling.

Whip the cream with sugar, in the quantity you prefer (consider that the meringues are already very sweet), put the whipped cream in a piping bag and fill the mini pavlove, Decorating with small clumps. Garnish the cakes with strawberries and raspberries and garnish with fresh mint (where you have used the strawberries) and thyme (where you have used the raspberries). Do not store this cake in the refrigerator, because the meringues are enemies of damp. I would suggest stuff will eat only what you believe. Bon appétit!

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