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Creamy pasta and artichokes

Quick and seasonal recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Pappardelle carciofi e panna

Come fare la pasta e carciofi con panna: super creamy

Creamy pasta and artichokes, with a dash of cream: Very simple recipe for a first course with artichokes some’ the Eighties to which I am, though, quite fond of it. The cream is very little and makes this dish slightly soft because, together with Parmigiano Reggiano, with Pecorino cheese and cooking water, forms a thin cream that envelops the fettuccine or pappardelle. As you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE, This creamy pasta with artichokes is not 'drowned in cream' at all, Indeed. Is, If you are a beginner and you are afraid of not being able to clean the artichokes well, Here's a VIDEO TUTORIAL to make it perfectly.

Pasta con carciofi e un goccio di panna, come farla in casa

In my opinion, Egg pasta is perfect in combination with artichokes. If you prefer short pasta, The classic Garganelli are also a great alternative. If you prefer stronger flavors, with artichokes and cream pasta You can also add a little’ Crispy Bacon browned in a pan without other fats. I love, instead, the vegetal taste of this dish and I prefer to use just a little’ chopped parsley to flavor everything.

Idee per tante ricette con i carciofi

Artichokes are one of my favorite winter vegetables. They are part of my Sicilian DNA that quivers at the memory of grilled artichokes or boiled in the steaming cauldrons of the markets of Palermo. Whether they are ARTICHOKES ALLA ROMANA or SICILIAN-STYLE FILLINGS or WITH MAYONNAISE, that are IN AGRODOLCE or CON PATATE IN PADELLA , CAPONATA WINTER ARTICHOKES or ARTICHOKES STUFFED WITH RISOTTO or LASAGNA WITH CACIOCAVALLO CHEESE, They're always amazing. And you've ever tried them RAW SALAD WITH PEARS, WALNUTS AND PARMESAN CHEESE?

At this point I leave you with the recipe and I wish you a good day!

Pappardelle carciofi e panna


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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6 artichoke

320 grams of egg pappardelle or fettuccine

parsley or mint

salt and pepper

a clove of garlic

extra virgin olive oil

grated pecorino cheese

150 ml of cream

a lemon


Pappardelle with artichokes and cream

Pasta with artichokes and cream is very easy to prepare, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. First of all, you have to clean the artichokes perfectly by removing the hardest part of the stem, the outermost leaves and the inner beard: in this VIDEO TUTORIAL to make it perfectly. I'll show you exactly how to clean artichokes.

Once the artichokes have been cleaned and placed in water acidulated with lemon juice, Cut them into thin slices . Sauté two cloves of garlic in extra virgin olive oil in a pan. When the garlic is slightly golden, Remove it and add the artichokes. Mix, Add a little salt and cover. Cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. When the artichokes are soft, Add half of the finely chopped parsley and turn off the heat.

Boil the pasta in salted water and drain it al dente, retaining part of the cooking water. Sauté the pasta with the artichokes, adding the cooking water to create an emulsion. Then, fire off, Add the cream, grated cheese and remaining parsley. Stir quickly and serve immediately. Bon appétit!

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