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Pasta with swordfish eggplant and cherry tomatoes

Quick and easy Sicilian recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Pasta con pesce spada melanzane e pomodorini, ricetta siciliana facile e veloce

Pasta with swordfish eggplant and cherry tomatoes: a quick and easy Sicilian recipe for a first course To applause. The swordfish It is the perfect base for creating countless fish first courses: the possible combinations are really endless.

I hope you have already tried the LINGUINE SPADA AND CHERRY TOMATOES, perhaps the simplest recipe, oppure i FUSILLI WITH SWORDFISH AND FRIED EGGPLANT, or the WHEELS WITH SWORDFISH SAUCE IN WHITE. They are all tasty and quick recipes.

Pasta with swordfish, aubergines and cherry tomatoes, and you can also found the VIDEO RECIPE STEP on my You Tube channel, brings together both the Cherry tomatoes and the Eggplant, not fried but sautéed in a pan until they turn golden. Basil and white wine complete the dish. Is’ important to add swordfish only at the last moment, and cook it over high heat for a few minutes, the time that the wine Gradients, so that the fish remains soft and succulent. The problem of swordfish, In fact, is that it is often cooked for too long, and becomes stubborn and dry. Remember that it is a fish that loves fast cooking and over high heat.

Tips for buying swordfish

Usual advice: beware of swordfish. Buy it only when it is in season and make sure it is small fish (8-10 kilos maximum) and therefore young people. The flesh must be like what you see in the video: compact, lucent, light pink color, not tending to white or orange. And of course make sure it's Local catch. Strait of Messina in Sicily, area of Oristano in Sardagna, Anzio area in Lazio are the best fishing resorts for swordfish. Take a look at all my RECIPES WITH SWORDFISH, starting from that A GHIOTTA ALLA MESSINESE and good day!

Pasta con pesce spada melanzane e pomodorini, ricetta siciliana facile e veloce


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 3.9/5
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320 grams of half sleeves, casarecce or busiati

400 grams of swordfish (in a single slice)

2 small eggplants

250 grams of cherry or datterino tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil

a clove of garlic

fresh basil

little dry white wine




Pasta with swordfish eggplant and cherry tomatoes, quick and easy Sicilian recipe

To prepare pasta with swordfish, eggplants and cherry tomatoes you must first clean the eggplants, eliminating the ends. Then cut them into small pieces, as you see in video recipe. Lightly salt the aubergines and brown them in a pan, high heat, in a little extra virgin olive oil and blankets. If you have cut them into fairly small cubes and of regular shape, will cook in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, wash the cherry tomatoes and cut the larger ones in half, leaving the smaller tomatoes whole. When the eggplants will be golden, add the clove of garlic, also in shirt and, After a minute, cherry tomatoes and a little fresh basil. Cover and cook for 5-10 minutes over high heat.

While the sauce cooks, cut the swordfish into small pieces. When the tomatoes are lightly wilted (but still with a fresh and pulpy appearance, the sauce must have a fresh tomato flavor, not overcooked), add the swordfish, brown and deglaze with white wine. Season with salt and pepper and complete cooking for a few more minutes over high heat. How much the alcoholic part of the wine will have evaporated, turn off the heat.

Boil the pasta in salted water, drain it very al dente and sauté it with the sauce in a large and capacious pan, adding a little cooking water to obtain a creamy emulsion. Topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add a little more fresh basil broken by hand and immediately serve the pasta with swordfish, eggplants and cherry tomatoes. Bon appétit!:

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