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Pasta with asparagus and almonds suppressed

by Ada Parisi
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Facile e buona la pasta con asparagi, soppressa trevigiana e mandorle tostate

Pasta with asparagus and roasted almonds suppressed Treviso. Certain, wild asparagus is another thing, have a strong taste and particular, but since they are not always found and have quite high prices must strive to also cook with those common:. Certain, since we are in the spring you can always go and pick asparagus in the country.

But in any case there are other types of pretty good asparagus. like those of Altedo PgI, white ones of Cimadolmo IGP, DOP Bassano and those purple Albenga. In short, asparagus are with broad beans and peas vegetables Prince of spring: why I recommend you take a look at all my RECIPES WITH ASPARAGUS and my SPRING RECIPES.

I remind you that you can use any of the asparagus, because they are a vegetable zero waste. You can peel and boil the waste to make a broth. Use the stems and discard the broth to make a cream or flavor a risotto, as the RISOTTO WITH ASPARAGUS AND GINGER. Finally, use the asparagus tips for garnish.

In this dish, I paired the asparagus Crunchy toasted almonds and suppressed trevigiana. A very delicate pork sausage, fragrant and soft, medium-large, that is produced in the Veneto region in the territory of ' Treviso '. From Valdobbiadene I snagged a pound and 600 grams of this cured meat and experimenting in the kitchen in a variety of ways. If you do not find it, You can use bacon or ham. I guarantee you that this pasta with asparagus suppressed and almonds is delicious. Have a good day!

Facile e buona la pasta con asparagi, soppressa trevigiana e mandorle tostate


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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a bunch of asparagus
1 fresh onion
salt and pepper, to taste
50 grams of potato
30 grams of toasted almond flakes
200 grams of suppressed trevigiana (or ham, or bacon)
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
fresh mint, to taste


Wash the asparagus, Peel. Put the scraps (Yes, just the skins) in a saucepan, cover with water and boil on low heat for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the hardest parts of asparagus (about half the stem) and set aside the tips.

Peel the potato and cut it into cubes, chop onion medium. Put the potato, the onion and the hardest parts of asparagus stalks in a small pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, Brown and cook slowly adding so much asparagus broth as necessary to bring the vegetables cooking. Whisk with a hand blender (pimer), possibly adding more broth. You have to get a fluid cream but not liquid. Add salt, pepper and then set aside.

Finely chop the suppressed (or the sausage you have chosen), fry over high heat in a pan without adding other fats. Set aside. In the same pan put a drizzle of oil, Add the chopped onion and FRY rest. Then, combine the asparagus tips cut in half (Fairies also dice the final part of the tips); Add salt, pepper and cook for a few minutes by combining, If you need to, a little asparagus broth. Add the chopped fresh mint and set aside.

Boil the pasta in salted water, drain al dente and keep with half the asparagus cream and a little broth. Join the suppressed and asparagus tips.

Composition of the dish: put a little cream of asparagus on the bottom of each dish, lay the dough nicely seasoned, Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and garnish with toasted almonds. Bon appétit!

MATCHING: The Fattoria del Colle (in the village of Trequanda, in the province of Siena) It produces a white wine made from grapes Traminer (an Igt Toscana) called "San Chimento" (medieval language). It is the ancient name of San Clemente, Patron of the chapel from the 15th century, which is located inside the estate. This wine smells of peaches and apples, with soft shades of white flowers; has a fair balance between acidity and alcohol. We recommend you with this recipe where all the main flavors are very delicate, except for the flavor that comes from the suppressed trevigiana, a typical salami that deserves to be enjoyed even by itself, or even with a good glass of wine.

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