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Easter: traditional and easy starters in 19 recipes

With eggs and seasonal vegetables

by Ada Parisi
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Torta salata con erbette e ricotta, con copertura intrecciata a mano

Today I leave you 19 Traditional & Easy Easter Appetizer Recipes. After my advice on 18 FIRST SPRING DISHES TO BRING TO THE TABLE AT EASTER, and the 10 RECIPES WITH LAMB AND KID, Today I leave you all my Traditional Easter Appetizers and Easy Favorites: 20 egg and vegetable recipes by season. And if you love asparagus, have a look at EASTER RECIPES WITH ASPARAGUS NOT TO BE MISSED. Not to mention the EASTER CAKES WITH STRAWBERRIES: a must of the season.

Eggs because I'm the symbol of Easter and Lots of spring vegetables like peas, broad beans, Asparagus. They are easy and cheerful recipes, To be served on a plate as in a Colorful brunch or to be cut into slices to share the goodness all together, like the original recipe of the EASTER ITALIAN PIE . Among the many recipes, you will also find some Meatballs in a spring key, who to me I'm always a joker: in the versions I propose are made with cheese, tomato and fresh beans. Is, If there is bad weather, Why not organize a lavish Homemade brunch for Easter Monday?

Torta pasqualina, italian Easter pie, Original recipe step by step

Torta pasqualina, italian Easter pie

Traditional Easter appetizers

The EASTER ITALIAN PIE in its ricetta ligure originale is perhaps the recipe that best represents the tradition of Italian Easter on the table. The recipe is not difficult but, if you want to make the real Easter cake, you have to have some’ patience and pull the very thin sheets. The result will pay off for the effort.

The alternative is the classic CAKE CHEESE SALT AND HERBS, that you can prepare with spinach, Swiss chard, chicory, borage or a mixture of field herbs. Good and simple, why not experiment with a choreography WEAVING COVERAGE to make this dish even more special?

Easy Easter appetizers with eggs

Eggs are the queens of every Sicilian Easter table: in the middle of the table you will always find hard-boiled eggs and fresh beans still in the pod. The eggs, Easter symbol and the beans, symbol of spring. Given the extra time we have available, but we can't just boil hard eggs, but take advantage to prepare, for example, EGGS STUFFED WITH REMOULADE SAUCE, a mayonnaise topped with anchovies, Capers, parsley, which makes every egg extremely tasty.

For an easy Easter, maybe for the aperitif, there are GUACAMOLE AND EGG BRUSCHETTES, simple to prepare: guacamole, a spicy avocado and onion sauce, it's perfect on slices of toast and goes well with hard-boiled egg wedges. Pair it with a glass of bubbles, who immediately party.

The FRATTAU BREAD (Sardinian on frattau loaves) it's a gluttonous weave of tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, the thin Sardinian carasau bread and a fried egg from the soft yolk. It can be a starter but also a particular first course. For sure you will bring to the table something new and tasty. And how not to mention the perfect Easter appetizer that is also suitable for picnics: the SCOTTISH EGGS. Mini minced meat meatloaf surrounding a soft-yolked egg. Fried of course.

Easy Easter appetizers: who doesn't love meatballs?

The Meatballs are always a great idea, and the Easter table is no exception. Meatballs of meat, vegetables, cheese to even rice, since the other arancini I don't know what rice meatballs, cross all of Italy. And they belong to the kind of traditional and easy Easter appetizers that is right for us. There are plenty of regional recipes to draw on to find the most delicious ones. Abruzzo, For example,, gives us the wonderful CACIO AND OVA PALLOTTE. From poor ingredients (eggs, pecorino cheese and stale bread) delicious and soft meatballs are born drowned in tomato sauce.

The Sicilian alternative is SICILIAN PECORINO MEATBALLS, tasty and obviously fried, always accompanied by tomato sauce.

If you prefer arancini, the spring recipe to bring to the table for Easter are definitely ARANCINI CACIO AND PEPPER WITH BEANS AND GUANCIALE: all seasonal ingredients in a tasty and delicious combination.

They're not meatballs but they look like the morsels of FRIED SARDINIAN PECORINO ON FAVE CREAM: delicious and dangerous, one leads to another.

Easter appetizers with seasonal vegetables

There is no Easter without bringing beans to the table, peas and asparagus: fresh and tender seasonal vegetables that lend themselves to any kind of preparation. Among the traditional and easy Easter appetizers that I prepare very often there are the inevitable FAVE AND PECORINO CASSEROLES to be prepared even in single-portion aluminum molds and in advance. A crunchy shell (you can also prepare with brisée pasta or ready-made puff pastry) stuffed with eggs, fresh pecorino cheese and favettes.

Yet, the FRIED ASPARAGUS WITH YOGURT AND MINT SAUCE, perfect also to serve with aperitif as finger food. Asparagus is breaded and fried from raw and the ideal pairing is a glass of bubbles. Or the ASPARAGUS IN PUFF PASTRY: a very quick and delicious recipe perfect for Easter. While the SAVORY ASPARAGUS AND BÉCHAMEL PIE it is suitable for Easter Monday.

In my house it's not Christmas and it's not Easter without l’RUSSIAN SALAD, seasonal vegetables with homemade mayonnaise and small quail eggs. In spring my Russian salad is enriched with asparagus, fresh beans and peas, in addition to carrots, potatoes and artichokes.

For mayonnaise lovers, there's also the ability to take advantage of the latest artichokes, late ones, preparing ARTICHOKES WITH MAYONNAISE, family's must-see recipe. With strictly homemade mayonnaise.

Substantial appetizers for Easter brunch

You know, Easter Monday has always been dedicated to the classic out-of-town trip. And it doesn't matter he knows it's going to be good weather or not. Not to betray, though, the spirit of Easter, which is to be an informal moment and not a solemn lunch sitting at the table, I propose some Hearty egg dishes. Dishes that can be served as both appetizers, both as the protagonists of a 'living room' brunch.

First of all, the BAKED OMELETTE WITH CONFIT TOMATOES AND SOUR CREAM, easy and good, you can serve it already cut into pieces and decorated. The TOMATO CONFIT are very simple to prepare and the SOUR CREAM you can do it at home in two minutes with fresh cream, salt and lemon juice. Its fresh taste is perfect with spring vegetables.

Very good ASPARAGUS IN PUFF PASTRY, They really prepare in 5 minutes, and the CROUTONS WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS AND ASPARAGUS.

They are worthy of an American breakfast i TOMATOES STUFFED WITH EGGS AND CHEESE, baked, with the racy cheese and soft yolk, serve with toast. And if you love stuffed tomatoes, how not to try the COLD TOMATOES STUFFED WITH TUNA, POTATOES AND MAYONNAISE.

For the most demanding and refined palates, there are EGGS, Roasted potatoes and asparagus. Fried eggs from soft yolk with a pie of crispy fried potatoes and asparagus :a traditional pairing but revisited in a modern way.

Always eggs and asparagus for one of the simplest dishes ever: EGGS, ASPARAGUS AND FONDUE ROBIOLA. They prepare in cocottes and bake in the oven for a few minutes just. Serve with buttered toast to reach the height of joy.

You can eat them as if they were canapés or serve to the plate LEAF PEPPERS AND QUAIL EGGS: crispy puff pastry with peppers sautéed, sage and fried eggs. Fun in the single portion but also if prepared in a baking sheet and then cut into pieces.

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