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Easter: lamb or kid? Differences and 10 recipes to cook them

Sicilian, gourmet and not only

by Ada Parisi
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Agnello con pecorino e menta, purè di patate e riduzione di Porto

For many Italians Easter means lamb, dack or kid: today we talk about the differences and I leave you 10 recipes to cook them. Who normally eats meat, In fact, it consumes these meats all year round, depending on the region of origin. But above all he consumes it during the Easter period, because of a legacy linked to religious traditions. I do not want to go into the substance of the debate that is being performed every year on the “slaughter of lambs” Easter. I think everyone should do what they feel right and eat what they prefer or that they find ethically acceptable. I know that for my grandmother the preparation of the kid 'agglassed or clinging', that is, cooked stewed for Easter, it was an unmissable moment. That the pasta with the 'glaze', the goat's sauce, which in Sicily is perhaps more widespread than lamb, came to the table with a wonderful scent. Times have changed, I eat little meat, Little. But I remember that scent well and I keep it in my heart.

For many, then, a traditional Easter menu without a first or second lamb dish, kid or dazzle is unthinkable. Whatever your menu will be, here are 10 recipes with lamb, kid or dazzle not to be missed. And if you haven't decided which first dish to make yet, have a look to my 18 FIRST SPRING DISHES TO BRING TO THE TABLE FOR EASTER, to my recipes of EASTER APPETIZERS, where vegetables are protagonists together with eggs. Or to the many EASTER RECIPES WITH ASPARAGUS NOT TO BE MISSED. And don't forget to prepare a great classic as an appetizer: the EASTER ITALIAN PIE .

Kid baked Sicilian with potatoes

Kid baked Sicilian

Lamb, lamb and kid: Differences

But what are the differences between lamb, dack and kid and how to cook them to the fullest? First of all the first two are both little ones of the sheep: with “abbacchio” (dialectal term Lazio) or “dairy lamb” you indicate the lamb butchered after a month of life, exactly in the Easter period. The lamb, on the other hand, is the small sheep slaughtered between 4 and 10 months, when his weight does not exceed 10 kilos. The kid, instead, it's the little one of the goat, slaughtered no later than two months and weighing between 10 and 13 kilograms.

Lamb is a meat with a very intense taste. The kid, instead, tastes more delicate, but still quaint. Its use crosses Italy and there are many regions, especially of the South-Central, who have among the traditional recipes a dish of lamb meat. Lamb or kid meat is great breaded and fried, how to do it in Rome, Grilled, stewed or baked, because thanks to the layer of fat it always stays soft and juicy. Over the years, became the protagonist of gourmet dishes and unusual pairings. And Italy can also boast two geographically-indicated lambs: l’lamb from Central Italy Igp and l’Sardinian lamb Igp.

First courses with lamb

Among the first courses, the PAPPARDELLE WITH SAUCE’ LAMB AND ARTICHOKES they're always a great choice. You can decide whether to prepare them at home or make your life easier by buying them ready, both fresh and dry. The lamb sauce, flavorful and intense, goes well with artichokes. And it could also be a great seasoning for lasagna, with the addition of a soft drinking.

Yet, they're a classic i RAVIOLI LAMB, with the lamb cooked stewed and put in the filling of the raviolo and the cooking bottom as a sauce. The seasoning that I have chosen are the pioppini mushrooms combined with Parmigiano Reggiano and the scent of herbs.

Baked or stewed: traditional cooking

The most traditional and beloved ways to prepare lamb and kid are definitely stewed and baked. The recipes I propose are part of Sicilian cuisine and, then, use the kid. That can be replaced in any recipe by both lamb and lamb. The KID BAKED SICILIAN is an indispensable dish: easy to do, scented with rosemary and served, Obviously, with hearty, crispy baked potatoes.

Competing for the baked kid for the top spot in the rankings, at least in my house, has always been the KID IN WET TO SICILY. With stewed cooking, the cards of the kid or lamb remains very soft and juicy, so tender that it detaches itself from the bones. The kid's sauce “aggrasciato or agglassato” it's perfect for seasoning pasta. There are those who dilute it with very little cream, but it's yummy just mantecato with Parmigiano Reggiano. Even in this case, The perfect side dish are the potatoes: stewed or mashed.

For those who love damp and stewed, the LAMB STEW WITH PEAS and borettane onions is a great alternative. First of all because it is very easy to prepare and is a perfect dish even for beginners in the kitchen. Then because it is paired with fresh peas and onions, that bring spring to the table right away.

Traditional Roman recipes with the bark

Among the 10 recipes for cooking at best lamb and lamb, there are definitely lazio recipes. A typical Lazio recipe is the Coratella WITH ARTICHOKES ROMAN: lamb entrails are cooked with plenty of onion and artichokes. Is’ a dish that carries the so-called “fifth quarter” to a higher level. And it is unmissable among the Easter appetizers of the restaurants of the capital along with the coral salami, cheese pizza and fresh beans.

Also from Roman cuisine come two other specialties based on lamb and bark. LLamb cacciatore it's a dairy lamb stew, strictly unossed, cooked in an anchovies-based dip, vinegar, herbs and spices. Soft and tasty, it is traditionally served with Roman artichokes and baked potatoes. Pairing can seem risky, but the hunts-.

Grid lovers can devote their attention to’LAMB WITH PISTACHIO. The term 'shocked'’ is Roman: since the cut used for this dish are the ribs, 'shocked’ indicates that you burned your fingers holding the meat from your rib to eat it. To make this grilled meat a little’ more elegant, you can do like me and knead it in toasted pistachios.

Gourmet Easter: two recipes a little’ details

For those who had an extra gear in the kitchen, here's a creative and elegant dish: LAMB WITH PECORINO CHEESE, PISTACHIOS AND PURE’ OF POTATOES. The meat is breaded in breadcrumbs with pecorino cheese and pistachios and is served with a vanilla-flavoured mashed potato and a reduction in red wine. Elegant and refined, but easy to prepare.

Rack of lamb in the oven, with pistachio crust and saffron potatoes

Rack of lamb

Finally, the Carre’ BAKED LAMB. Is’ one of the most important lamb dishes, typical of French cuisine but now become fashionable in gourmet restaurants even Italian. Cooking first in a pan and then in the oven ensures a rosy and juicy meat, the side dish of glazed potatoes and spring onions makes it unique. Now that you know the differences between lamb and kid and you have my 10 recipes to cook them at Easter, run to process your menus.

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