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Easter: 18/1 spring dishes to bring to the table

Lasagne, dry pasta or fresh pasta

by Ada Parisi
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Pasqua: 18 primi piatti primaverili da portare in tavola

Today I leave you 18 delicious spring first courses to bring to the table for Easter. Eighteen easy ideas, also to customize, to let spring into our menus and, in particular, Easter and Easter lunch. Fave, peas, asparagus and zucchini with their bright green color change the look and taste of our dishes. Lasagne, ravioli, egg or hard wheat pasta and even delicious soups taste fresher, light and a decidedly inviting look. And if for Easter many do not give up RECIPES WITH LAMB OR KID, used both as a second and in the first dishes, even spring vegetables are extraordinary protagonists of these festive days. As in the EASTER APPETIZERS, where vegetables are protagonists together with eggs. Or in the many EASTER RECIPES WITH ASPARAGUS NOT TO BE MISSED.

When it comes to first courses, the fastest and most practical solution is definitely dry pasta, both hard wheat and egg. In particular, Pappardelle, noodles, Lasagne and egg garganelli dishes are perfect with meat and spring vegetable sauces. But if you like to knead and bring to the table something made entirely with your own hands, here opens the fascinating world of homemade pasta. Ravioli in the first place, with the most varied and delicious homemade fillings. So here are my 18 first spring dishes to bring to the table for Easter.

Stuffed pasta: First spring dishes perfect for Easter

Among the first dishes I love the most are definitely the HOMEMADE RAVIOLI, plainly stuffed and seasoned with spring vegetables. And if you're not very practical, take a look at my VIDEO TUTORIAL about how to make at home six kinds of very easy ravioli. Like the RICOTTA RAVIOLI WITH ARTICHOKES AND SAFFRON, easy to do, stuffed with a soft ricotta filling and cheerful color. They are gluttonous and will love everyone.

The spring and gourmet choice for Easter lunch are the BURRATA RAVIOLI ON FRESH BEAN CREAM AND BOTTARGA: beautiful to see, have a sweet and delicate taste. For those who do not renounce the tradition of eating lamb, here's the LAMB RAVIOLI WITH PIOPPINI MUSHROOMS, stuffed with stewed lamb and seasoned with the delicious cooking bottom of the lamb and sautéed pioppin mushrooms.

They're not homemade ravioli but it's in effect a delicious and spring stuffed pasta, as well as very simple to prepare, the BAKED SHELLS STUFFED WITH RICOTTA AND HERBS, a great classic of Italian cuisine.

the lasagna: even at Easter they are a great choice

Another winning choice for Easter are lasagna (Suitable for Easter picnics) and, Typically, egg pasta. In my personal list of favorites, In the first place are the VEGETARIAN SPRING LASAGNA WITH ASPARAGUS, BEANS AND PEAS: a creamy white lasagna with lots of fresh vegetables, to be prepared in advance and refrigerated until cooked.

Always on the subject of lasagna, for those who love the 'ciccia'’ there are WHITE LASAGNA WITH ARTICHOKES AND SAUSAGE, definitely more robust and tasty, for great apptites. And let's get to my favorites: the WHITE LASAGNA WITH SICILIAN ZUCCHINI: Creamy, Delicious, with lots of fried zucchini and fresh basil. Once you try it you will become addicted.

You like to make pasta at home? So don't hesitate and try one of these two first dishes: dedicated to those who love lamb, the PAPPARDELLE WITH SAUCE’ LAMB AND ARTICHOKES are an absolutely delicious dish. The lamb and artichoke sauce, DENSO, narrow and tasty, it's the perfect condiment for homemade egg pappardelle, thin and crispy. Vegetarian, try the fragrant INTEGRAL TO MAGGIORANA NOODLES WITH PEAS AND POTATOES, slightly thicker, prepared with whole grain semome.

Dry pasta: easter focus on spring toppings

If you have many guests or just prefer to use some dry pasta and bet everything on the seasoning, I have five really great proposals. A great classic of my house, especially in Easter, are the ANELLETTI WITH PEAS AND MINT: Creamy, parmigiano Reggiano, simple and fun to eat, especially for children.

To minimize efforts in the kitchen, The queen of the Easter spring table is the PASTA WITH PESTO ASPARAGUS AND ALMOND: Speed, elegance and taste in one dish. Finally, my favorite dish: SPAGHETTI WITH BEANS, BACON AND CHEESE. It's prepared in 10 minutes and it's a really exaggerated goodness.

If you love creative cuisine, but not too much, I propose two reinterpretations of as many great dishes of Roman cuisine: carbonara and cacio e pepe. The CARBONARA BUCATINI WITH BEANS AND SMOKED HERRING, with pasteurized eggs, the slightly bitter taste of fresh beans and the flavor of smoked herring instead of the classic guanciale.

Yet, the BUCATINI CACIO AND PEPE WITH ASPARAGUS, MINT AND CRISPY HAM, Creamy, with crispy asparagus and dehydrated ham. Finally, from Sardinia comes a completely vegetarian proposal: the Fregula WITH ARTICHOKES AND SAFFRON, cooked and mashed like a risotto, sunny and yummy.

The risotto: with asparagus or bean is a classic

Finally, how not to give you three rice-based alternatives. For me it's always time for a risotto, and Easter lunch is no exception. The three risottos I propose are made from asparagus and fresh beans and are delicate in combinations and flavors. Let's start with a RISOTTO WITH WHITE ASPARAGUS, STRACCHINO AND WALNUTS , which of course you can also prepare with green or wild asparagus. Here the stracchino plays a crucial role: replaces butter and parmesan and makes the risotto creamy.

Then the RISOTTO WITH ASPARAGUS AND GINGER, vegetarian, aromatic and with the spicy and almost spicy note of ginger. Finally, the RISOTTO WITH FRESH BEANS, PECORINO AND MINT, the one with the most decisive and tastiest taste. They are three easy but special risottos that will amaze your guests at Easter and not only.


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