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Potatoes parmigiana

With cooked ham, cheese and smoked cheese

by Ada Parisi
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Parmigiana di patate

Potato parmigiana with cooked ham Prague, Rosemary, cheese and smoked cheese. A very simple recipe because It is prepared with raw potatoes and without béchamel sauce. The recipe is easy: The crude patate, thinly, alternate with layers of ham, that I used smoked, Taleggio for greater creaminess, smoked cheese for the cheese that row. The aroma of rosemary complete all. By choice, I decided to make the parmesan potatoes without sauce, because it is already a very rich and creamy dish.

Of course, there is a little secret to preparing autumn potato parmigiana in the perfect way, but I'll tell you in the proceedings. Needless to say, This recipe is a real delicacy, a dish very very hearty that I suggest you accompany mixed salad dressed with lemon juice, to degrease a bit’ the mouth.

You can safely prepare the potato parmigiana in advance and reheat it slightly before serving, because it is good warm, not hot nor cold. Obviously, as the parmigiana is always among the favorite dishes, I suggest you also take a look at all my Parmesan OF RECIPES, such as that of PUMPKIN WITH BACON AND CHEESE, the PUMPKIN AND POTATO PARMIGIANA WITH MORTADELLA. Or the classic SICILIAN EGGPLANT PARMESAN or NEAPOLITAN STYLE. Have a good day!

Parmigiana di patate

POTATOES PARMIGIANA (easy recipe, all raw)

Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 3.3/5
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800 grams of red potatoes (bakery)

200 grams of smoked ham Prague (or simply cooked ham)

150 grams of Taleggio

200 grams of smoked cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano Pdo

salt and pepper


Fresh Rosemary

little butter



Potatoes parmigiana

To prepare the Parmesan potato, peel potatoes and wash well. Then cut the potatoes into thin slices (I recommend using a mandoline to get thin, even slices) and soak them in a bowl with cold water. Leave the potatoes in cold water for at least 30 minutes, changing the water after the first 15 minutes. This treatment serves to make sure that the potato starch and lose prove then, in baking, firmer.

While potato starch forgiveness, Finely chop the rosemary and slice the cheese and smoked cheese. Lightly grease a baking dish. Drain the potatoes well and blot with paper towels, They must be perfectly dry. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Alternating in the pan a layer of potatoes, slightly overlapping each other and just salting the surface, then a layer of ham, a mixed cheeses and finish with grated Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and chopped rosemary. Continue until all the ingredients.

Complete the last layer of potato parmesan with a pinch of salt and a few bows of butter. Sprinkle with a little bread crumbs. Cover the parmesan potatoes with a sheet of aluminum foil, and bake for 40 minutes. Remove the aluminum foil and continue cooking in the grill function or until the surface of the Parmesan potatoes will not be well browned. In order for the Parmesan potato is compact and perfect cutting result, I suggest you let it cool once cooked. Then, you can warm it in the oven at 120 degrees for 10 minutes before serving: It will be hot but compact. Bon appétit!


MATCHING: Neostòs, a wine IGT Calabria (Vintage 2016), produced with Pecorello grapes from the winery Drunken Spirits, which is located in Celico, in the province of Cosenza. This structured white and perfumed, fermented in stainless steel and in barriques, refines steel. The alcohol content is high (14,5% ABV.) but its elegance and freshness mean that we can match well with this dish, delicate appearance, such as Parmesan potato. The iodine and mineral aromas of the wine Neostòs are in accordance with the smoky notes of Prague ham. The high alcohol content helps to reduce the sensation of fattiness of cheese in his mouth. To try.

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Giuseppe Rubino placeholder image ( from Bronte ) February 6, 2023 - 22:41

Hello Mrs. Parisi,
Happened by chance on his site,I got to appreciate some of his recipes, I have been dabbling in cooking for more than half a century to the delight of Parenti,friends and customers who honor me by attending my restaurant
(some for about 40 years ). Cooking is my passion, research ,Reworking and creating are almost an obsession;always looking for new and old products and perfection. My inspiration model
( (IDOL ): Lucius Gavius Apicius . I think you know who I'm talking about.. I have adapted some of his recipes to today's taste respecting the maximum that you can’ make with the products we have available; If this comment comes on your computer and you find any interest, answer me and I ( if you give me your address ) I will send them’ two or three samples based on spices of my own elaboration. Best regards and congratulations again for the work he does: Giuseppe Rubino

Ada Parisi February 20, 2023 - 20:22

Joseph good evening, Forgive the delay in response but I had a long flu with complications. I certainly know Apicius, I have a degree in Classics as well as passionate about cooking and I studied her texts for fun, study and also for work. She is infinitely kind but I would not take advantage of her kindness. I am very happy that you appreciate my work, as I am sure I would appreciate his. Kind regards, ADA

Luciana 29 October 2019 - 21:47

What about? Goodness is proportional to the simplicity and ease of preparation of this dish.
Exquisite, scented with rosemary and soft at the right point with its cheeses.
Very balanced dish and perfect for autumn.
I used in addition to the Brie taleggio, he was very good to us.
Thanks more

Ada Parisi October 30th, 2019 - 11:02

I am very happy! Is’ a very caloric dish but served with a nice salad solves you a dinner. A dear greeting Luciana. ADA

elisabetta corbetta 24 October 2018 - 08:35

I love it.

Ada Parisi 25 October 2018 - 15:55

Thanks <3


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