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Buffalo-milk Panna cotta at 5 spice with Strawberry coulis and ginger

by Ada Parisi
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Buffalo-milk Panna cotta at 5 spice with Strawberry coulis and ginger: Today a dessert recipe, fresh and delicious, made with an ingredient I have experienced in recent months (Do not worry, You can do so without this ingredient!): It's called Latterì, is a buffalo milk to 100% with a fat content of 18%. This milk has a very creamy consistency (closer to that of cream rather than milk) and a naturally sweet flavor. For some time I had discovered the burro di bufala, I use all the time, and now I'm appreciating this product that allows you to use less sugar and less starch in sweet and savory dishes brings delicacy and softness, with a unique and unmistakable flavour. Today's recipe is a panna cotta of buffalo milk spiced with cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, Sichuan Pepper and cloves, accompanied by a strawberry coulis, Mint and ginger and a Gelee of strawberries and chocolate. Is’ a sweet fresh and appetizing. The spices, left to infuse the milk over night, soften the scent of buffalo milk and strawberries acidity softens in turn the heat of spices. You can prepare this panna cotta Spiced and intense flavor even with the milk and cream, following the recipe for panna cotta normal, I'm obviously the doses. The procedure remains the same. Have a good day!

Ingredients for 6-8 portions :
for the pudding

  • 500 milliliters of ristretto of buffalo milk (or 350 milliliters of cream and 100 ml whole milk)
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 7 grams of gelatine sheets (10 grams if prepared with cream and whole milk)
  • the tip of a teaspoon vanilla bourbon
  • 2 cloves
  • a Berry of star anise
  • 2 cardamom pods
  • 1 cinnamon stick crushed
  • 3 Sichuan peppercorns, crushed

for the strawberry coulis

  • 200 grams of strawberries
  • a strip of 2 cm ginger
  • a few leaves of fresh mint

for the jelly strawberries and chocolate

  • 200 grams of strawberries
  • 5 grams of gelatine in sheets
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 60 grams of caster sugar
  • chocolate chips as required

The previous evening putting vanilla, The cloves, cinnamon, the star anise, the Sichuan Pepper and cardamom pods (engraved) to soak in the buffalo milk (or in the mixture of milk and cream). Cover and refrigerate over night. The following day, strain the milk and put it in a saucepan with sugar.

Put the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes, then bring the milk to a boil, turn off the heat and dissolve the gelatin in milk well squeezed. Stir until completely dissolved and pour into molds. Allow to cool the panna cotta at room temperature and store in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or stencils over night. If you prepare the panna cotta with cream and milk follow the same, identical procedure.

For the strawberry and Ginger coulis, blend the strawberries and Ginger together, then pass the liquid obtained at chinoise or through a sieve to remove the seeds and put the Mint infusion. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

For the jelly strawberries and chocolate, put the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes, squeeze it well. Heat a small amount of Strawberry puree with sugar and lemon, then add the gelatin, stirring until completely melted. Combine the puree warm in cold water and stir until they are perfectly binding. Spread the mixture on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or acetate, at a thickness of one centimeter and arrange over chocolate chips. Allow to cool in the refrigerator until firm, then cut it into small cubes.

Composition of the dish: unmold the panna cotta, mist you with Strawberry coulis and ginger and garnish with fresh strawberries and gelèe cubes and fresh mint. Bon appétit!

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