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Extra virgin olive oil: helps keep your mind younger?

by Ada Parisi
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Olio extravergine: aiuta a mantenere la mente più giovane?

Extra virgin olive oil helps keep your mind younger? It could be a all-Italian research to prove that extra virgin olive oil is able to slow down cognitive aging. What? Thanks to the effect of hydroxytirosol on brain stem cells. There are already many studies that have shown the beneficial effects of olive oil on the cardiovascular system and intestinal system. While to date there are still many unknowns regarding the central nervous system.

Extra virgin olive oil helps to rejuvenate the mind? Cnr research

Italian research, conducted by Giorgio D'Andrea, researcher of the Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology of the National Research Council (Cnr) of Rome with the collaboration of Monini through the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, aims to clarify this last aspect instead.

If it is confirmed that extra virgin olive oil slows down brain aging and helps keep the mind younger, that would be yet another good reason to consume it regularly. Obviously in the right amount. Aging better is one of the great challenges of the future. Especially since Italy is a country that ages very rapidly. To date, a quarter of the population is over 65 and life expectancy increases (Luckily) constantly.

And you, how much do you know about olive oil? I invite you to read 2 articles to understand more:

What is hydroxytirosol?

But what is hydroxytirosol? Is’ a phenol contained in extra virgin olive oil along with other polyphenols. It has a strong anti-oxidant action, as well as other elements of which the oil is rich. From oleic acid, essential polyunsaturated fats, vitamin A and E. In short, the high content of polyphenols is one of the criteria that defines the high quality of an oil.

Giorgio D'Andrea explains that if this research were to be successful it would be another piece to confirm that “not only the Mediterranean diet, as a whole, is protective against diseases related to aging, but in particular theextra virgin olive oil per se can carry out an active preventive and nutraceutical action“.

Researchers have already shown that ingestion of hydroxythyrosol stimulates the production of new neurons from stem cells. “Now the goal is to understand how these new neurons behave, if learning and memory skills actually increase as well", explains D'Andrea. The first concrete indications should arrive by summer 2021.

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