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New gourmet pizzeria in Messina: “Street Lantern – The Borgo”

by Ada Parisi
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A Messina la pizzeria "Via Lanterna": pizze gourmet e a km zero

Messina has a new gourmet pizza: It opened last December pizzeria “Street Lantern – The Borgo”, confirming that the modern pizza movement has become an extraordinary reality in Messina. The city of the Strait can now count on a new address for lovers of this kind of pizza, using the finest ingredients zero kilometer (where possible) in a particular environment and welcoming. The pizzeria “Street Lantern – The Borgo” is a contemporary restaurant with gourmet pizzas and zero km, who found space in Via Maddalena, a small street in the historic center of Messina, not far from Piazza Cairoli. The pizzeria, that the atmosphere is reminiscent of a small pub northern Europe, can count sull'estro Giancarlo Gulli, that comes from experience to Datterino pizzeria in Messina (where he was awarded with the recognition of the two wedges from pizzerias Gambero Rosso guide, in 2019).

In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet e a km zero

A pizzeria Messina “Street Lantern”: pizze gourmet

Pizza, whims, wines and aperitifs. This is the offering of “Street Lantern – The Borgo”. At the local accessed through an ancient portal that opens in via Maddalena. Inside, the small courtyard of an ancient palace. A large window one can see the tables inside. The entrance is very narrow and the laboratory where the pizza is operating on the right side. A few tables in the first room, while the main hall, on the left side, It has about eight tables.

The numbers are small and space is small, It is a bit’ close, but the restaurant is cozy. The furniture, given the size, It is aptly punctuated minimal and almost exclusively by the color. The back wall is decorated with wine bottles, but the most striking thing is the vaulted ceiling, not so common in Messina. Overall, the pizzeria can accommodate about 40 people. Some open table allows you to enjoy an aperitif sitting under the gazebo in the shade of the building.In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet e a km zero

Appetizers: minimal and with local ingredients

The menu of the new gourmet pizzeria in Messina “Street Lantern – The Borgo” it is selective: six appetizers, a selection of baked potatoes with different seals (Pistachio, truffle, Diavola and 'ncaciate, all at 10 euro and in very generous portions) and about twenty pizzas. From the menu we chose, as a Starter, a fried ricotta with a tomato red plum chutney (6 euro). Overall a very decent appetizer: crispy fried, not greasy; high quality cottage cheese (sign that the owners are very attentive to the choice of raw materials, productions from predominantly Sicilian); chutney to perfect balance of flavors.

Among the starters, all between 6 and 8 €, even the sticks of fried tuma, modernization of a traditional cheese from Messina used in traditional local street food like pythons Messina And the FOCACCIA. And yet the bacon rolls and Tuma with honey bees black Nebrodi, millefeuille of smoked mozzarela and ox heart. A 18 euro you can taste the classic platter of meats and cheeses Nebrodi with local honey and jams.

In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet e a km zero

The pizzas, traditional and gourmet “Via Borgo Lantern -The”

As for the traditional and gourmet pizzas pizzeria “Street Lantern – The village” of Messina, I am twenty in all. In addition to some proposals of the day. Prices range from 8 EUR Dop Margherita 18 € the Golden Sicilian pizza with red shrimp marinated with citrus Mazara.

The mixtures are composed only by Italian flour, pressed to natural and sustainable agriculture from stone. The mixtures have a long processing: 24 hours and 24 hours of fermentation, maturation, for a total of 48 hours. The pizzaiolo Giancarlo Gulli performs its preparations with very small amounts of yeast, which make the dough more digestible and suitable for long times leavening. The oven used for baking pizzas is electric.

From pizza menu “Street Lantern – The village” We chose three specialties. First pizza: Dop Margherita with a special mixture to cereal, seasoned with tomato San Marzano DOP, mozzarella di bufala campana Dop, basil and extra virgin olive oil (8 euro). Great visual impact, with a swollen cornice and honeycombed. well distributed on disk Ingredients. Tomato balanced between sweet taste and sour taste.

Buffalo Mozzarella with a white surface (unburned and not yellowed) that in this way it preserves its characteristic taste. Dough cornice and crunchy on the outside and soft at the base of the disc. Excellent taste cereal used to enrich this Margherita, overall, is one of the best pizzas taste in Messina lately.

In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet e a km zero

Pizza “Messina 2.0”, already served in wedges, It is a tribute to the city of the Strait tradition, with variations on the ingredients chosen. ripassata escarole salad with pine nuts and raisins, stracciatella, yellow plum tomatoes, from Cetara, Extra virgin olive oil and pepper (12 euros).

Great pizza, presented in a contemporary way, with a crisp and crunchy disc and a balanced and tasty topping. However, the traditional taste of the focaccia messinese, for those we are accustomed, is a bit’ betrayed. In fact, the use of stracciatella instead of the traditional cheese “Send” does not compare. La Send (Curd of cow's or sheep's milk without the use of salt or low salt) It has a distinctive taste that is different from the sweetest of stracciatella.

In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet e a km zero

A pizzeria Messina “Street Lantern”: pizze gourmet

3rd pizza: the Treviso, with mozzarella, Chioggia radicchio marinated balsamic vinegar of Modena, gorgonzola Dop, nuts, extra virgin olive oil (13 euros). A pizza with classic pairings, where it is likely to create a taste confusion, where stands the goodness of the dough and the precision in the firing in an electric oven (approximately 400 degrees of temperature). A pizza try for the intensity of flavors.

In the Hall, Giancarlo Gulli wife, very courteous and prepared. Young and fast waiters, always good at extricating with a smile in the available.

In Messina the pizzeria & quot; Street Lantern & quot;: pizze gourmet

A pizzeria Messina “Street Lantern”: pizze gourmet

To drink: on the beers you can do more

From gourmet pizza we expect a particular commitment in the choice of beers to offer customers. Instead, “Street Lantern – The village” will be working, in our opinion, on this aspect. Why the choice of beers is insufficient. From the list we chose a Leffe amber beer (6 euro) and a beer Stella Artois (4 euro).

Present paper also Freak Beer (Motta Sant'Anastasia, in the province of Catania), the only Sicilian handicraft, out of a total of nine beers paper. For a place that wants to do with philosophy “zero distance” one of its characteristic features have to work on expanding beer list. Sicily boasts a long list of craft breweries and excellent quality industrial, Messina from brewery to brewery Horus Mylae Milazzo, Epica from brewery to brewery Sinagra Tarì Modica.

summer, instead, Via Lantern moved in Torre Faro district, the tip of the Strait of Messina, a few steps from the sea and, especially, at the foot of the lighthouse (flashlight) that guards the Strait. After the most famous and The Bear Lievito, the pizzeria “La Lanterna – The Borgo” It is definitely a new address not to be missed for lovers of good pizza.

Street Lantern – The Borgo
Via Maddalena 68 – Messina
phone 379.1713882
(visited in January 2020)

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Frank Tamburello 25 February 2020 - 03:51

Hi Ada,

Do you have any pizza recipes you feel are worth sharing?

Ada Parisi 25 February 2020 - 13:53

Hi Frank, this is my personal pizza recipe: https://www.sicilianicreativiincucina.it/la-pizza-margherita/?lang=en


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