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Reviews: Next, the new premises of Louis Ointment (Cagliari)

by Ada Parisi
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Hello everyone! Today (and only today) you get an email after hours to make an announcement: the section of reviews of restaurants and pizza shops up and down Italy, already on site as static page, become an address book that will arrive via email like recipes: I really hope that the reviews of places where I ate and I feel dispassionately advise will help. As you know, travel a lot in my work and passion, and eat out frequently: I therefore thought it, If you trust of my dishes, Perhaps you will be trusted even of my opinions on the subject of entertainment. What I can guarantee you is that, personal taste aside, I'll always be completely honest, I will say what I think, as I'm used to making every occasion. We start with a new opening in Sardinia…

Luigi Pomata, Chef carloforte firmly established in Cagliari, does trifecta: After the gourmet restaurant and Bistro model osteria, from 18 July to complete its already varied gastronomy has opened Next-food and lounge. A third line, a restaurant concept that combines over a long time, from 12 all’ one of the night, an offer of coffee shop, cocktails and appetizers with that vast gastronomic looking abroad but also to the Sardinian tradition, from pizzas to gourmet burger chef, passing through the cicchetterie and desserts. Also paper smoothies and, between 17 and 19.30 there is the appointment with the afternoon snack based on appetizers and tapas.


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

The restaurant is adjacent to the restaurant and Viale Regina Margherita, like the restaurant, It enjoys a beautiful outdoor terrace: the external units are however not bookable, because the idea of ​​the chef is to create a social space outside and open and, inside, a more traditional place with reservation only valid if you arrive between 20 and 21. In the menu stand out the gourmet pizzas, demonstration of Cagliari and its province are looking more and more to the pizza phenomenon as something in which to invest: by Chip Sa Scolla, Sardinia relies on sourdough, long rising, flour and seasonings notch. The Ointment pizzas fit perfectly in this search for quality: are in style 'Italian’ and have an unusual narrow and elongated shape, They are served on a wooden board and are already cut to pieces, to invite to the tasting. The mixtures are 40 hours of leavening, with the use of wholemeal flour. The pizza is baked in the oven once, seasoned with tomato sauce and mozzarella, buffing and finished in the oven when cooking with refined ingredients, such as mortadella and truffle (14 euros), one with bio Argiolas and patanegra cheese (15 euros), one with mozzarella, aubergine caviar and smoked ricotta (10 euro). We tasted pizza with tomatoes datterini, hoax, reserve tuna in olive oil and lemon zest (15 euros): well risen, very light and fragrant, seasoned in a balanced manner, with surprising freshness of lemon peel to soften the oiliness tuna.


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

The selection of three gourmet hamburgeer, all served with fresh fries, It consists of burgers to tuna (16 euros), abutment of tuna and wasabi mayonnaise, classic burger with meat of Piedmontese fassona, caramelized red onion, casizolu cheese and mayonnaise paprika (15 euros) and the lobster burger with lobster and lobster mayonnaise, the dish I chose to try. Just mayonnaise lobster gives flavor and taste to the sandwich. Crispy and not greasy french fries.


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

In the kitchen there is the trusty Abel Fois, one of the brigade Senators Luigi Pomata. The restaurant is decorated in industrial style, minimalist. Times exposed brick, Modernist paintings metal, a fully stocked bar counter that welcomes the customer and an open kitchen in the dining room. As for the 'cicchetteria’ ranging from classics such as reserves tuna with beans and octopus with potatoes (8 euro each) reinterpretations of dishes up to international issues, like ceviche with citrus fruits and red snapper (10 euro). Elegant impiattamento of the ceviche, topped with a light wasabi mayonnaise and crispy vegetables, to prove how cool appetizer and light.


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

perfectible, in my opinion, the tails of shrimp with crispy vegetables and rice (12 euros), little savory and without great contrasts of flavor. The teriyaki sauce honestly it was not enough to balance the sweetness of the prawns and vegetables and the dish lacked overall flavor.


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

Simple but delicious sweets in paper (All 7 €): burnt cream coffee, cheesecake with liquorice, Chocolate mousse and caramelized pineapple. I have tasted the Luna Park: an ice cream to burnt cream with salted caramel and crisp chocolate. A very challenging and fun sweet, with the acidity of the currants to counter well the sweetness of the ice cream. Good wine list with medium to high mark-ups. Cocktail between 7:10 €: Spritz from the Moscow mule (vodka, ginger beer, lime and ginger).


Ristorante Next a Cagliari

(reviewed August 9, 2016)

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