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In 2023, the lowest wine production in the last 60 years

Quantities in Europe collapse and Italy loses its world leadership

by Ada Parisi
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Vendemmia 2023: crolla la produzione di vino nel mondo

A horrible year for world wine. 2023 will be remembered as the year of negative records: the one with the highest temperatures between July and August and the one with the lowest wine production in the last 60 years. Blame the Climate crisis that, with torrential rains, hail, Scorching heat and drought have brought the main producing countries to their knees. Not to mention downy mildew.

In 2023, in the 29 countries that produce 94% of the world's wine The harvest is estimated at just 244,1 million hectolitres of wine, compared to 262 in 2022. The drop is 7%. Anticipating the debacle in the wine sector is the’OIV, the International Organization of Vine and Wine, who in a press conference gave the forecasts of world production (Excluding grape juices and musts). 2023 is about to pass, for the worse, Even the infamous 2017, when wine production was just 248 million hectolitres.

Why world wine production has plummeted in 2023?

The collapse of world wine production in 2023 is mainly due to the low volume of production in the European Union. Where: Italy, Spain and Greece see a sharp decline compared to 2022, precisely because of the unfavorable climatic conditions. A dry winter, followed by flooding, Hail, A very rainy spring, Then massive attacks of downy mildew on the vine and finally long periods of drought devastated the vineyards.


Italy leaves France the world as the world's leading wine producer

Italy loses its world record in wine ( with only 43,9 billion hectolitres and a 12% drop on 2022) to the benefit of France, which in 2023 becomes the world's largest producer. In Europe, Germany only, Portugal and Romania experienced favourable weather conditions and had average or slightly higher production. On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States is smiling, where, according to the first harvest forecasts, the volume of wine will not only be higher than in 2022, but also higher than the average observed over the last five years.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Wine production volumes are expected to be well below 2022 and historical averages. Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Brazil were all heavily affected by adverse weather conditions. And they saw a drop of between 10% and 30%. Only New Zealand is saved.

Less wine in 2023: It's really a problem?

It should also be said that Not all evils come to harm. The global wine sector is going through a difficult period, characterized by a reduction in demand caused by a general reduction in the purchasing power of households- This was influenced by several factors: the long-term effects of the Covid pandemic, The commodity price crisis of 2022, the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (and now the one in Israel). In the world's wineries, and also in the Italian ones, There were too many unsold wines in stock. That is why a significant reduction in the quantities of product to be placed on the market could, paradoxically, Bringing the system back into balance.

Authors: Ada Parisi and Gianluca Atzeni

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