Muffins with tomato confit, Parmesan and Basil

An alternative to the usual pizza appetizer. Parmesan muffins, Basil and tomato confit, with their unique flavor between sweet and sour. If you don't feel like preparing the tomato confit (but I suggest you make them, they're good, You can save it and once you get your own oven for an hour and a half), You can replace them with Sun-dried tomatoes or olive oil well washed and dried.

Ingredients for 12 muffins about: 

  • 300 grams of flour 00
  • 2 teaspoons (abundant) baking powder
  • 25 Piccadilly tomatoes
  • Timo as required
  • sugar as required
  • salt and pepper
  • a handful of basil leaves
  • 100 grams of shredded PDO parmigiano reggiano
  • 200 ml of milk
  • an egg
  • 6 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (Lightweight)
  • among the accessories: 12 muffin baking cups

Prepare (well in advance) the confit tomatoes: wash and chop the tomatoes and place them on a baking sheet lightly coated: Salt them, pepper and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar, salt and thyme and place them in the oven at 150 degrees for about an hour and a half.
For muffins, Preheat the oven to 180 degrees-ventilated. Cut the tomato confit and Basil. Put in a bowl the flour sifted with baking powder, the Parmesan, the egg, the oil and milk and stir with a spoon until the dough is well mixed, without working it too. Season with salt, pepper and add the tomatoes and Basil. Mix well and pour the mixture into the baking cups, filling them up to three-quarters and putting over each cupcake a tomato confit. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve still warm muffins.

THE PAIRING: We suggest a Greco di Tufo DOCG of the firm Feudi di San Gregorio. This wine of Campania, born on land with good presence of chalk, It is characterized by intense aromas of fruit, mineral flavor, with balsamic.

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Adele July 1, 2013 at 11:51

Yummy Ada…I want to prepare !

Sicilians creative in the kitchen July 1, 2013 at 19:29

Hi Adele! Try and tell me what you think! A hug, ADA

Mariangela June 30, 2013 at 14:37

These muffins are yummy, I have to prepare the tomato confit!!!!!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen June 30, 2013 at 21:06

Hello Mariangela! IT fouls the tomato confit which then are preserved very well in a glass jar with a little’ of oil…Kisses

Erica Of Paul June 30, 2013 at 07:51

Excellent suggestion Ada….. great idea for an unusual aperitif! Vorrei proprio provarli 🙂
Good Sunday expensive!!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen June 30, 2013 at 21:06

Hi dear! If you try them let me know how it is! A hug


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