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Quick chocolate mousse (without eggs)

With cream and fresh raspberries

by Ada Parisi
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Mousse al cioccolato veloce (senza uova)

Chocolate mousse without eggs: ricetta veloce e semplicissima che diventerà il vostro jolly in cucina. Perché la mousse al cioccolato piace a tutti e si prepara in cinque minuti veri: potete vederlo nella VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. Visto che questa mousse is without eggs, è adatta anche a chi è intollerante alle proteine dell’uovo. Is’ perfect for farcire cakes, tarts and whatever you want. But it's also delicious on its own, magari guarnita con frutta fresca e panna montata. I prepare it all the time, because my granddaughter loves chocolate and especially all cold and creamy sweets.

His favorite version is this, con lamponi freschi e panna. But it does not disdain blueberries and, Obviously, strawberries when they are in season. On the other hand, berries and chocolate are a perfect match. Have you already tried the amazing TART WITH MOUSSE HEART AND BERRIES? Or the SEMIFREDDO meringue CHOCOLATE WITH BERRIES?

Questa versione senza uova è semplificata rispetto alla mousse au chocolat francese, which also provides for the presence of whipped egg white to obtain an even more aerated and lighter mousse. But honestly this version is very good, leggermente più corposa e ha il pregio di non creare il problema della pastorizzazione delle uova. Se vi piace il cioccolato bianco, potete provare anche la delicata WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE AND STRAWBERRIES.

La mousse al cioccolato veloce e senza uova Yes preserves a great time in the refrigerator fino a tre giorni. Dovete solo ricordarvi di lasciarla a temperatura ambiente per almeno 15-20 minuti prima di gustarla, because in the refrigerator it tends to become more compact. Low temperatures, In fact, cause a hardening of the chocolate, but just a short time at room temperature to find all the creaminess and meltability of this delicious mousse. And now I wish you good day!

Mousse al cioccolato veloce (senza uova)


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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250 grams of dark chocolate (You can also mix it with a small amount of milk chocolate)

60 ml of cream (to melt chocolate)

230 grams of fresh liquid cream (to assemble)

30 grams of powdered sugar (only if you do not use milk chocolate)

raspberries or other fruit to taste

whipped cream to taste


Quick chocolate mousse (without eggs)

The fast and egg-free chocolate mousse is really easy to make, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE.

First you have to chop the chocolate and put it in a large enough bowl. Heat the 60 milliliters of cream and, When is hot, pour it over the chocolate so that it is covered with it. Wait a minute, then stir with a spatula until the chocolate has completely melted.

A tip: Chop the chocolate minutely so that it melts quickly.

Beat the remaining 230 milliliters of cream with icing sugar (You can also omit sugar if you prefer tastes that are not too sweet). Cream must not be whipped until stiff (the mousse would be too greasy in the mouth) but semi-mounted, or creamy, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE.

When the melted chocolate will be just lukewarm, Add the whipped cream little by little, incorporating it into the chocolate with a spatula and making a light but firm movement from top to bottom so as not to disassemble the mass.

To taste, you can flavor the mousse with a tablespoon of liqueur, orange peel or cinnamon. Put the mousse in a pastry bag. Place raspberries or fruit on the bottom of the glasses of your choice (red fruits, pears.), then distribute the chocolate mousse, garnish with cream and raspberries. Store in the refrigerator and leave at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before enjoying. Bon appétit!

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