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Minestrone with fresh vegetables

Classic healthy and light comfort food

by Ada Parisi
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Minestrone di verdure fresche

Minestrone with fresh vegetables: our girls' detox home recipe, when the detox still didn't exist. Vegetable soup is the light recipe, healthy and healthy par excellence. The one that immediately comes to mind when we want to lose a few kilos. Take a look at all my SOUPS AND RECIPES to find other vegetarian ideas and read. As the PUMPKIN AND ROMANESCO BROCCOLI SOUP, simple and good, with striped whole wheat tubes, it is perfect for cold evenings. And maybe you could complete your detox meal with a fruit cake, light but gluttonous, how BAKED STUFFED APPLES or the CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH ORANGE SOUP. Gourmet, but without sin.

Why make vegetable soup in the house?

Prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables it is also good, Indeed, yummy. Surely you're thinking: but why make the minestrone in the house when there are frozen ones (some of them honestly very good) and those already cooked in the supermarket fridge counter (equally honestly less good)? The answer is: because Preparing fresh vegetable soup at home is an act of love. Because you can choose the vegetables you prefer, strictly all in season. Because if you've never done it and never tasted it you don't know how good it is, with that fresh taste, mineral. So rich in different nuances of flavor, as many as there are vegetables you have used.

The recipe of fresh vegetable soup is very simple to make, beginner to test. But I don't want to lie to you: Choose, cleaning and cutting all vegetables requires a certain amount of patience. for that, I advise you to prepare it in abundance and store it in the refrigerator (up to 3 days): you can enjoy it yourself, passed with a spoonful of sour cream, with rice, with pasta, with fried bread croutons. Is’ a versatile and always good dish, as the Ribollita, the BEAN SOUP AND BLACK CABBAGE or l’COOKED TO WATER MAREMMANA.

What you can't miss in a vegetable soup

It is understood that Minestrone can be made at any time of the year, I think winter and autumn are the ideal months for this kind of dish. Because in my opinion verza (curly or smooth), cabbage, kale can't miss it at all. The taste of cabbage, in particular, is the predominant one in a good soup of fresh vegetables. Obviously a nice bottom made with onion, celery, undersea and carrot (I cut them into small pieces and brown them slightly in extra virgin olive oil before combining the other vegetables. And then chard, a piece of pumpkin, Spinach, pieces of cauliflower and broccoli or turnip tops. Don't forget the potatoes, although with a view to a carb-free detox you should avoid them. And a few more fresh tomatoes.

You can Indulge yourself with aromas and spices as well: in season basil, parsley, a bay leaf, a lemon zest for a fresher taste, some’ by thyme and majorana.

In spring you can also add zucchini, peas and fresh beans. If, on the other hand, you love legumes, you can add beans to the minestrone, Chickpeas, dried beans or lentils. In this case I suggest you either to use pre-cooked legumes or to soak them and cook them apart and join them to the already cooked minestrone, because the cooking themes of vegetables and legumes are very different. The cooking of fresh vegetable soup must in fact be not too prolonged. Both not to kill all vitamins (which for the most part are thermoleatable, that is, not very resistant to heat), both to have a pleasant texture of the individual vegetables.

In the family we have always put a Parmigiano Reggiano rind, obviously well scraped, in the pot with the soup: the natural glutamate of parmesan makes the taste of fresh minestrone even more interesting. And now I wish you good day!

Minestrone di verdure fresche


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.0/5
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a carrot

an onion

a stalk of celery

350 grams of potatoes

a handful of chard

200 grams of cabbage

200 grams of cabbage

a bunch of kale

5 cherry tomatoes

half leek

a handful of spinach

two cauliflower tops

two tops of Sicilian broccoli or turnip tops

a piece of pumpkin

parsley or basil in season

in the season beans, peas, Zucchini

extra virgin olive oil

a Parmesan crust (ffacoltative)

salt and pepper


Minestrone with fresh vegetables

The fresh vegetable soup is very easy to prepare. However, you have to wash and clean all the vegetables. Then cut them into small pieces. I suggest you cut all the vegetables into small pieces, so that the minestrone cooks faster and evenly. In particular, carrots, the pumpkin, potatoes, cauliflowers and broccoli. As for leafy vegetables (cabbage, cabbage, Spinach, Swiss chard) I suggest you cut them to listarelle. Chopped instead onion , blackeks and celery.

Once you have cleaned and cut all the vegetables, Put in a large celery pot, carrots, eks and onion and brown them in extra virgin olive oil and little water for 3-4 minutes. Then add the potatoes, the pumpkin , cauliflowers and broccoli. Then combine all the other vegetables: Swiss chard, cabbage, cabbage, Spinach, cherry tomatoes cut in half or in quarters. If it's spring add zucchini too, broad beans, fresh peas. Or pre-cooked legumes. Also add chopped parsley or basil and, If you want, a piece of lemon zest or a bay leaf.

Combine boiling water to almost cover the vegetables, add some salt, the crust of Parmesan cheese and cook the fresh vegetable soup over medium heat and covered for about 30 minutes. When the vegetables will be tender but still consistent and with their natural colors, turn off the heat.

You can taste the minestrone as it is, with a few bread crouton. Or add rice or pasta. In this case, especially in case you wanted to use rice, I suggest you put it in the soup after about 20 minutes of cooking, so that the vegetables don't get overcooked. Always complete the dish with extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground black pepper.

You can also pass the soup with the mixer. Creamy, with a spoonful of sour cream and a few crouton, it's really good. And now i wish you a good appetite!


THE SUGGESTION: You can store the fresh vegetable soup in the refrigerator for 3 days, or freeze it already portioned and then defrost it in the refrigerator or heat it directly on the fire or microwave.

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