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Sicilian summer soups: 4 recipes to try

With beans, The long zucchini and tenerumi

by Ada Parisi
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Minestra siciliana di zucchina lunga

Today we talk about Sicilian summer soups: Today I leave you 4 recipes to try. And do not be afraid if I propose you with the heat of hot soups: these can be safely enjoyed warm and are delicious. I'm talking about the traditional SICILIAN SOUP OF PASTA AND TENERUMI and the beloved PASTA AND LONG ZUCCHINI SOUP. In addition to the PASTA AND FRESH BEANS, the so-called 'Fagiolapasta'.

It may seem absurd that with the highest temperatures of the year in Sicily comes the season of soups, But the reason is simple. The Long Courgette, tenerumi and fresh beans can only be found in summer, or rather from May-June onwards. And anyway it is not said that you have to eat these Sicilian summer soups just hot: many enjoy them warm or even cold. Let's see a bit’ The recipes in detail and what are the main ingredients.

The long Sicilian zucchini: What it is and how to cook

The most famous among the Sicilian summer soups is certainly the one made with long zucchini. The 'cucuzza longa', as it is affectionately called in Sicily, is none other than the snake zucchini (lagenaria longissima), also known as pergola zucchini. It can be grown both in the ground and in the pergola, precisely, and the fruits, pale green, long narrow, they can also pass through the meter in length. When it is cultivated with pergola it is spectacular to see, because the pale green fruits with smooth and bright skin hang almost to the ground. In Sicily, it can be found throughout the summer, from June to September. The SOUP Sicilian LONG COURGETTE (even in VIDEO RECIPE) is one of the great dishes of our tradition: with pasta, rice or potatoes, it's always delicious.

The tenerumi: What they are and how to cook them

Those that in Sicily are called tenerumi are the leaves, the tender stems and tops of long Zucchini, the zucchini snake, they have large leaves, velvety and sweet (How is sweet Zucchini pulp). These leaves have been found on market stalls since May. They are excellent and delicate and in Sicily they are traditionally prepared in the form of TENERUMI SOUP WITH PASTA, to eat hot or lukewarm. Some gourmet restaurants, revisiting tradition, they serve this soup accompanied by freshly seared scampi or fish tartare. I also use tenerumi for a dry and tasty variant: the SPAGHETTI GARLIC, Olio e TENERUMI.

Fresh Borlotti beans: How to cook

Borlotti beans, also called “red climbing beans”, they have bright red pods tending to fuchsia and the fruits are reddish-white. In cooking they turn brown and are prefects for summer soups. Cultivated mainly in Caserta and Piedmont, have a large amount of fiber, proteins and vitamins. In Sicily, but also in many other Italian regions, the PASTA WITH FRESH BEANS (even in VIDEO RECIPE) it's a real treat. It can be done in white, flavored with basil or rosemary, or with a few pieces of fresh tomato. Or even with a tablespoon of tomato puree. Its pasta-free variant, the SUMMER BEAN AND POTATO SOUP (even in VIDEO RECIPE), is a real goodness.


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