Sicilian soup of Zucchini long

Sicilian soup of Zucchini long, and traditional summer dish of Sicilian cuisine and family recipe. You wonder what it is? This is called courgette snake (lagenaria longissima), also called pumpkin from pergola: can be grown on land both in pergola, precisely, and the fruits, pale green, long narrow, they can also pass through the meter in length. In Sicily, the lies, in summer, from June to September. But already in May on the market you will find the famous tenders of "longa cucuzza", with which you can prepare the SPAGHETTI GARLIC, Olio e TENERUMI. or very traditional SOUP OF SICILY tenerumi.

For the Sicilians, This vegetable, in the family Cucurbitaceae, is a piece of heart. Traditionally, prepares in the simplest of all: with soup, with tomato and onion. You can enrich it with some potatoes and enjoy so, without anything else, or serve with pasta or rice. At home, my mother always put on the bottom of the plate of chopped Parmesan crust, obviously well scraped, to flavor the soup. With my brother taking a competition to see who was more bits of cheese. Sicilian soup of Zucchini long you can enjoy warm, If the night is cool enough, or lukewarm. I think only a Sicilian can understand the love there is in this dish. Of course, remember to have a look at all my SICILIAN RECIPES. Have a good day.

SOUP Sicilian LONG COURGETTE (easy recipe)

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  • a Zucchini snake, the so-called 'cocuzza longa' Sicilian
  • 400 grams of fresh tomatoes
  • fresh basil, to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • two onions (Tropea or white)
  • a piece of crusty Parmigiano reggiano PDO (well cleaned and scraped) cut into small cubes
  • Grated Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, to taste
  • 120 grams of mixed type of Gragnano pasta joint, or broken spaghetti rigati or tubes
  • salt and pepper, to taste


To prepare the soup Sicilian long zucchini, you need to thoroughly wash the zucchini snake, delete ends, then peel it: I would recommend that you use a peeler, because the skin is pretty tough. Make the zucchini snake into pieces, then cut each piece in half lengthwise, then make it into chunks.

Peel the onions, cut them in half and slice them. Wash the tomatoes, incise the skin with a sharp knife and Parboil for a few seconds in boiling water, then dip them in cold water: so you can peel them in an instant. Cut them in half, discard the water and juice and tomato seeds and derive from many threads.

Put in a large pot the long chunks of Zucchini and onion, Add cold water (not beyond the level of Zucchini, What are aqueous itself) and pour a little’ extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt (not too, There's always time to adjust the salt) and cook for about 15 minutes when water is boiling: When the zucchini will become translucent, Add the tomato. Cook for another 5 minutes, then try to adjust the salt. Fire off, merge a little’ fresh basil crushed by hand. I recommend you do rest a while’ the soup before adding the pasta, why so your soup will be very long but much more flavorful Zucchini.

Bring the soup to a boil, Add the pasta and cook to leave the pasta al dente.

Put in each soup plate a few pieces of Parmesan crust, pour over Zucchini soup long, topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Add a little’ ground black pepper and Parmesan cheese. Garnish with a few leaves of Basil and serve immediately. Bon appétit!

Sicilian soup of Zucchini long
Sicilian soup of Zucchini long

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Alesssandro 24 January 2020 at 14:11

Hi, she does not detract from the internal spongy zucchini?
Anyway happy to have discovered its pages. I will try to do pythons (I share all of his records).

Ada Parisi 26 January 2020 at 18:52

Hello Alexander, I take it off only if they are large zucchini with the very abundant spongy internal, but if I find the young zucchini, thin and polished, no need remove. Best wishes and thanks for the appreciation. Appearance news pythons. ADA

Rosanna 25th October 2019 at 12:35

Pee be fussy the original recipe is:
long pumpkin , potatoes, tomatoes, diced celery, Onion ,oil, pepper salt, and pieces , or zest, pecorino pepper. Cooking all together WITHOUT ACQUA, as vegetables produce water themselves while you cook them, cook for at least 1 hour, then at the end if you want to add the dough, then you add water,

Ada Parisi 29 October 2019 at 11:20

Hello Rosanna, I've never heard your recipe. Certainly everyone has their own family recipe and, in the absence of coded recipes, it's always fine. We in the family have been preparing it for generations. ADA

Alexander 2 August 2017 at 17:08

Hi Ada.
in England and ehem find long Zucchini…do you think works the same using normal courgettes ? Here they call them “courgette”
Thanks Ada.

Ada Parisi 2 August 2017 at 19:26

Hello Alexander, obviously not found in England, think that even in Rome I find it difficult to. Certainly, then use the zucchini that you call courgette, the flavor will not be exactly the same but the soup is still good. Let me know, Hi Ada

Alexander 3 August 2017 at 00:46

Thanks Ada going to prove’ 🙂
Grazie per la bellissima ricetta 🙂

Antonella 2 August 2017 at 11:36

Ada Bonjour!
Meanwhile, thanks for bringing me a Zucchini that I didn't suspect even existed (forgiveness! ;-)), and then I think it's a nice nutritious dish, yet lightweight for summer.
See you soon, saluti 🙂

Ada Parisi 2 August 2017 at 16:28

Hello Antonella, Yes, It's a light summer dish but nutritious, especially if you put the dough. Often even without, adding the potato during cooking. Hugs and happy holidays

Giovanni 2 August 2017 at 09:12

Great soup, There is no denying! Dear Ada, If I wanted to replace the pasta with potatoes into chunks like they would vary the order and cooking times in your opinion? Thanks and Salutoni!…

Ada Parisi 2 August 2017 at 16:29

Hi John, Thank you very much, is a dish from my childhood that Sicily is an unfailing summer tradition. Often you put potatoes in place of pasta but changes little and nothing. You have to cut the potato into pieces more or less as large as the zucchini and put it all together with onion, proceeding with the recipe. In this case, You can eat even lukewarm. Warm greeting, ADA


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