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Made in Italy. Messina and the Doc: the company Sindaro Soprano

by Ada Parisi
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A small Winery sits on a natural terrace in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea, between olive trees and Arbutus, While the horizon gaze meets the sea and the Aeolian Islands. We are in Rodia, fraction of Messina. Specifically in Contrada Policarella where is "Soprano Sindaro”, family farm created in 2004 by Antonella Bruschetta. Here, the hills of Peloritani, Antonella and her husband Paul have decided to recover and restructure accurately noble farmhouse, with the main house and adjoining farmhouse, to make it an elegant and rustic dwelling and, at the same time, Faro Doc wine production place, exclusive excellence of the province of Messina, designation of origin since 1976, grouping different producers including Palari, Mimmo Padmanabhan, Seal Jelmar La Fauci and Vineyard Sara. A fragrant and medium bodied red, elegant, that before going on the market must be subjected to a minimum of one year ageing, between steel and wood containers. For its production use the Nerello Mascalese, Nocera and Nerello Cappuccio, with a maximum of 15% added equal to other grapes, like Nero d'Avola, Gaglioppo (Montonico black) and Sangiovese.

I am surprised by the beauty of the place, by its colors, the enthusiasm with which the family addresses this challenge, but also by the fact that the farm (I didn't know and that I discovered thanks to the friends of Agromobile, an App on the tourist trail and gastronomic tours in Sicily) is located, literally, at 200 meters from the Beach House of my parents: I had no idea and it was nice to find out and see that, from the terrace of Sindaro Soprano, It shows perfectly my house! And the sea that you see in the pictures is when I take a bath every summer, What I always miss since I'm away from home…

Sindaro soprano produces about 3,500 bottles every year: Cinquerossi was the first label (a wine easy to drink, floral, that it goes well with cheeses). While I'm 13, the last born, is the bet, the result of the experience gained over time from the farm, that made use of the contribution of agronomists and of a young winemaker. The half-hectare vineyard, made by two thousand strains grown on a small plateau exposed to winds of maestrale and scirocco (that contribute to limit the adverse effects of vine diseases), is cured without chemical treatments, Naturally. Beautiful autumn colors of the vineyard, with the reds of vine leaves, silver olive trees, Orange dei corbezzoli, the Fuchsia bougainvillaea, all together in that Mediterranean fertile and fruitful countryside that is typical of my land. What I liked is seeing in the whole family the love for the land and the typical Sicilian products of the highest quality, starting from vegetables grown in a garden in Garden and hot oil made with their olives until bread prepared at home with sourdough and jams of must and chilies that I tasted the wine tasting. On the farm, the young son Aldo started to contribute, and not only to the vineyard since he's a young man who loves to experiment (He built a smoke House and doing technical tests of transmission on interesting rabbit salami). Paul and Peter hope, along with her sister, fits a full production cycle. For now, the commercial circuit Sindaro Soprano is concentrated in local restaurants, with some sporadic bet abroad. The objective in the short term is to further improve the quality of production and maybe increase the amount. Among the projects to a bed and breakfast in the hotel and an excellent restaurant. Pending, should you find their wines at enoteca I suggest you try them.

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