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For Easter dinner and Easter Monday three spring menu

by Ada Parisi
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Grip between an activity and the other, I postponed from day to day processing of my proposals for the Easter lunch. As long as I have pointed out in many, too many… then flush the delay and audience my proposals for the Easter lunch (But even on Easter Monday), divided into three alternative meat menu, fish and vegetarian, except for the starter and for the outline that are all, strictly, with vegetables. Everything is calibrated on the spring and on vegetables that are coming these days to market with their magnificent colors: broad beans, peas, herbs, Asparagus… You asked me simple recipes, and I hope I have satisfied. In my opinion this is a menu saves time, though, will make a great impression with your guests. As for sweets, stay tuned, because Friday I shall wish you a Happy Easter with a trick very easy and designed just for the occasion, I can't tell you today… To get to the recipes or just click on the photo or recipe name, and good preparation!

Fried asparagus with mint and yogurt sauce

APPETIZER: Since we are in the spring, gustiamola also in the dishes: for this Easter as a starter I propose two alternatives offering delicious and vegetarian. The fried asparagus with sauce yogurt, fun to eat together…




Fava bean and pecorino cheese flan

…or the mini quiches with broad beans and pecorino cheese, that reproduce a classic combination Easter. One of the first recipes blog, that brought me luck and that Easter always prepare.






Bucatini cacio e pepe with asparagus and ham

FIRST OF MEAT DISH: As a first meat, I propose a spring pasta, light and easy: bucatini cacio e pepe with asparagus and crispy prosciutto.





Linguine with tuna, red onion and Grenache

FIRST FISH PLATE: If you prefer to opt for the seafood menu I suggest a first easy dish, elegant and inexpensive (especially if you choose to use bonito or tuna): the linguine with fresh tuna, red onions and Grenache.




Linguine with pesto of chard, walnuts and pecorino

FIRST COURSE VEGETARIAN: If you are vegetarian you will love these linguine with pesto of spinach, walnuts and pecorino. A condiment 'B', raw, not to lose the mineral flavor and chlorophyll in this easy and tasty pesto.




Abbacchio alla cacciatora

SECOND COURSE OF MEAT: For many Italians, the lamb can not miss on the Easter table: for those who can not do without my advice is the’abbacchio alla cacciatora, with potato and stuffed artichokes. A full and hearty dish, that you can serve with the contours that suggest whether or not you.




Fish with tomato and Basil vinaigrette

TWO FISH PLATE: For those who have chosen the fish, I suggest an easy recipe but successful: salt fish (They do all the oven and salt, you may not do any hard work) with tomato and basil vinaigrette. Is’ one of my favorite fish and you can choose the fish that you like.




Baked broccoli and potato dumplings

MAIN COURSE VEGETARIAN: If you are a vegetarian, I suggest some tasty broccoli and potato dumplings, to serve with a tomato sauce. No one will miss the meat or fish.




Frittedda siciliana

THE CONTOUR: A side dish made specifically for Easter dinner, but also for the picnic on Easter Monday, seen that easily transports: the frittedda Sicilian bean, peas and artichokes, celebrating spring and Easter with its various shades of green. It goes well with lamb, both with fish, then whatever menu you have chosen, It is a wildcard.



The pastiera napoletana

THE SWEET: How sweet I can not offer the traditional Neapolitan pasta, which for many it is an essential tradition….






Sfinci di San Giuseppe

If you prefer something different, I recommend the Sicilian ricotta sfinci, a fried sweet, rich and sumptuous, that will close the lunch very big.


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