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Christmas Menu: ideas and recipes from appetizer to dessert

11 collections of perfect dishes for the holidays

by Ada Parisi
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Ricette di Natale: il panettone, la più tradizionale delle ricette natalizie

Christmas Menu: ideas and recipes from appetizer to dessert. Since it seems to me that this year a race towards Christmas has been underway since the beginning of November, I decided to play in advance. Is, waiting for the ad hoc recipes for 2021, I leave you a series of ideas and thematic recipes perfect for the holidays. Both for Christmas and New Year's Eve. This is reasoned collections that I have elaborated in the last two years and gradually updated, divided into topics. From appetizers to first courses, from second courses to Christmas sweets.

Christmas appetizers, to be prepared in advance or fried?

If you are already in full anxiety about Christmas menu and looking for ideas and recipes from appetizer to dessert, I also suggest you take a look at my CHRISTMAS MENU 2020, the most recent, where there are some ideas in my opinion interesting. Obviously a Christmas menu can only start with an aperitif, which is why I advise you on the one hand to prepare with your own hands delicious and cheap PUFF PASTRY PRETZELS (watch the video recipe and you will see how easy they are to do). And on the other hand to take a look at the section cocktail looking for something party friendly. And keep an eye on it because it will soon be updated with a fresh Christmas cocktail and with a delicious recipe to make mulled wine at home.

Organization watchword: 20 appetizers to do in advance

If you are looking for Christmas appetizers, I have two suggestions for you. The first is to find inspiration among the STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE. Perfect idea if you will be many at the table and especially if you do not want to do all the last day. From Russian salad to marinated anchovies, from pumpkin pies to creamed cod passing through savory pies and apple caponata, artichokes or pumpkin, you will be spoiled for choice. Is, if you can organize yourself, you can also prepare more than one.

The traditional appetizer: obviously fried

The second piece of advice, by tradition, is to fry! In the collection ARANCINI AND FRIED: 18 DELICIOUS RECIPES you will find all the recipes to dip in boiling oil. In Sicily, but generally in Southern Italy, frying for the Christmas and New Year holidays is a tradition that always remains alive. Green light then to all types of arancini, croquettes and meatballs, but also with fried cod alla romana or alla napoletana, mixed fried fish, Messina pythons, mushrooms or fried cheese. My grandmother always said “if it is not fried it is not a party”, And he was right.

first Christmas: risotto, lasagna, baked pasta and first courses based on fish

At Christmas and New Year's Eve most Italians do not give up putting on the table a traditional first course. Which, normally, means a first course based on fish (especially on New Year's Eve) or a sumptuous lasagna or baked pasta.

Fish first courses for the holidays

So here is a collection with 25 UNMISSABLE FIRST COURSES OF FISH FOR THE HOLIDAYS, from the classic risotto alla pescatora to the intriguing fregula with arselle typical of Sardinia. Passing through the inevitable spaghetti with clams or mussels. But without forgetting dishes that will surprise everyone such as paella with seafood or pasta with sardines or slid ine, Sicilian pride .

Christmas risotto

If you prefer risottos, then you have to browse through the 18 RISOTTO RECIPES PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Obviously I recommend a risotto only if you will be no more than six on the table, since it is a dish that must necessarily be prepared live and not easy to manage in large quantities. In the harvest you will find traditional risottos such as pumpkin or pescatora, but also creative as the risotto cheese and pepper with shrimp or the one with pumpkin, chestnuts and white truffle. And a large presence of vegetarian risottos, delicate but tasty.

Lasagne or baked pasta to be prepared in advance

Finally, the chapter lasagna and baked pasta, perfect for those who love hearty dishes and, especially, you want to organize in advance. Since these are recipes that can be made with one (sometimes two) days in advance and stored in the refrigerator ready for cooking. Two collections: LASAGNE OF THE HOLIDAYS: 10 EASY RECIPES and EARLY CHRISTMAS: 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA . Here you will find many traditional Sicilian recipes such as pasta 'ncaciata messinese or timbale di anelletti palermitano. But also the Neapolitan rice sartù, several red or white lasagna with meat, fish or vegetables, cannelloni and large format stuffed pasta.

Seconds for the holidays: roasts or the classic cod?

Who prefers meat, who follows tradition and chooses fish, and especially cod or fish stocco, widespread at Christmas and New Year especially in southern Italy. I believe that the choice of the second course, perhaps the most challenging both to prepare and to eat during an important lunch or dinner, is fundamental. Normally the second courses of meat are richer and heavier than those of fish, so it is good to pay attention to appetizers and first courses, so that they are not excessively caloric.

Falsomagro Palermo style

Falsomagro Palermo style

Second courses of meat at Christmas: sumptuous and tasty

The king of meat main courses for the holidays is the classic roast in its infinite variations. Beef, pig, Rabbit. Simple, rolled or stuffed. Accompanied by mushrooms, potatoes, mixed vegetables or fruits. Baked in the oven or pan. When the roast arrives on the table it is a sumptuous and delicious dish, that makes your eyes widen. Definitely in the harvest CHRISTMAS ROASTS: 15 RECIPES TO SURPRISE GUESTS you will find what suits you.

If you love fish, For the Christmas and New Year holidays it is almost mandatory to bring to the table at least one dish based on cod or stockfish. Here then in the collection COD’ And STOCKFISH: 14 RECIPES TO TRY, as well as explaining the differences, I propose 14 recipes one tastier than the other. From the inevitable fried cod, Roman or Neapolitan style, as Favorites, to the stewed one. From cod in foil with black olives and potatoes to creamed cod to salads and Sicilian fish based on stocco or cod.

Christmas cakes: in addition to the King Panettone here are those with ricotta, chocolate, dishes for the spoon

We conclude this first episode dedicated to the Christmas menu with ideas and recipes from appetizers to desserts assuming that the panettone be the king of the Christmas sweets table. However, there are also endless possibilities of desserts to prepare at home to end Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners and lunches worthily. Obviously, unless you delight in the art of pastry, it is not the case to devote oneself to recipes that are too demanding both from a technical and caloric point of view. After all, you have already prepared three courses! And so I propose three special collections.

In perfect Sicilian style: Christmas cakes with ricotta

In perfect Sicilian style, you could end your Christmas or New Year's menu with a ricotta cake. In the collection CHRISTMAS SWEETS WITH RICOTTA: 14 RECIPES NOT TO BE MISSED the choice is vast: from the classic cannoli to cassata (also in the simplified version by the glass), passing through nun's sighs, Kisses Panteschi, Fedora cake. But also a delicious ricotta tiramisu without eggs and mascarpone, a pistachio and ricotta cake, a foam of ricotta and chocolate or a cold zuccotto Sicilian cassata ice cream.

Christmas sweets for choco-addicted

If, like me, do not eat a dessert if it does not have chocolate among the ingredients, then the harvest CHOCOLATE CAKES: EASY OR REFINED IN 23 RECIPES, will become your Bible. Despite dinners and menus of infinite length, for me a chocolate cake is and remains the most attractive thing in the world. Irresistible. Be it a semifreddo or an ice cream cake, a layered cake, a tiramisu a little’ original, a mousse, a pudding or the classic chocolate salami.

The irresistible: Christmas cakes by the spoon

Finally, the simplest and most delicious solution: in the collection CHRISTMAS SWEETS: 15 RECIPES OF EASY DESSERTS BY THE SPOON you will surely find the sweet jolly recipes that are for you. Starting with classic tiramisu, pumpkin, lemon, with ricotta, to matcha tea to continue with Bavarian coffee, zuppa inglese, Puddings, cassate by the glass, Catalan creams and crème brulèe. None, and I mean nobody, can withstand a spoon dessert. Not even Santa Claus.

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