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Christmas and new year, Here's some straight’

by Ada Parisi
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Here we are, with suggestions for the new year's Eve or Christmas. These are my recommendations for a seafood menu, both meat. Of course I followed my taste, but in more than 630 blog recipes you are sure to find an alternative that you may please. Given that at Christmas and new year you're at the table long, with friends and family, I've been thinking about a rich and varied menu, including an extensive buffet of finger food for happy hour, to serve an hour before dinner with a nice glass of bubbles and mocktails. See my proposed in the gallery and, by clicking on the names of the dishes, takes you directly to the relevant recipes. I thought a small appetizer that you can prepare in advance and with little effort, to make you do though you look good is because of the abundance of the food, both from an aesthetic point of view. Here are my proposals: Mini pizzas redhead of puff pastry Potato timbale, Bacon and taleggio Salmon tartare and guacamole Bruschetta with guacamole Pumpkin puff pastry with cheese and honey Goat cheese balls. Then my menu continues with appetizers, first and second of sea and land (I drew up a menu with black truffle, that is cheap and always makes her figure, but all the dishes you can do without truffle), and finally with another gallery of cakes, assuming panettone, pandori, dried fruits and candied fruit will not fail on your tables. Happy holidays!


As a seafood appetizer I propose a traditional Sicilian dish but revisited in a modern key, a salad of codfish with tomato confit, black olives, potatoes and red onions. You can prepare in advance and store at room temperature.




Eggs, Truffle, mushrooms and fondue

As a starter of Earth we allow ourselves the luxury of a plate with black truffles: egg poché, But if you're in so many fried I suggest you do it by eye or barzotto (hard but with soft yolk), with porcini mushrooms, black truffle and a cheese fondue. Easy, especially if you do the fried egg, and elegant.




Risotto with calamari and lemon

The risotto di mare that I chose it tastes light and citrusy, Why did with calamari and lemon zest, perfect for lighter on the palate. And leave room for the rest!




Risotto with chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, Truffle

The risotto of Earth, instead, following the thread of the black truffle, is a risotto with chestnuts, porcini mushrooms and truffles. I suggest a change if you don't want to use the truffle: follow the same basic procedure for the risotto with chestnuts, but garnished with castelmagno cheese and black pepper.




Of Sicilian tradition the first plate of sea that I recommend: mezzi rigatoni (but you can also do long pasta, only if a table you're not in too many) sword fish with vegetables. A savory sauce, very easy to prepare and, presented in this way, even chic.




Spaghetti with artichokes with pancetta and truffle

My first of Earth are tasty spaghetti with artichokes, Bacon and cream cheese: even here decorum with truffle, but you can omit it and limit yourself with black pepper. Is’ a delicious dish.




Crisp bream with cream of yellow pepper

The main course of sea is light, easy to prepare and colorful: crisp bream, cooked in a pan on the skin, on a yellow pepper sauce. A tasty dish but not binding, so leave ample space to desserts.




Roast beef with potatoes and mushroom sauce and sherry

For the second of meat here is the roast beef, enriched by a fabulous sauce with mushrooms and sherry, and served with baked potatoes. If you don't like the meat with blood, You can make a roast and pass along the same sauce: There are many on the blog, beef pork is both.



Finally, We close with the gallery of cakes. I thought a little’ for all tastes: for those who want the fruit, but in fashion and Christmas version, You can serve a Spiced Quince soup , for those who enjoy fine desserts a Panna cotta at the port with caramelized pears, for those who prefer sweet puddings creamy and rich (but also for you because it's quick to prepare) the Whipped cream with saffron composed of more and finally the traditional sweet pastry, the tart, but a little’ Christmas special and very, with Chestnut cream and persimmon sauce. All can be prepared the day before, so you too will enjoy dessert without much effort! What about? Happy holidays and enjoy your meal!


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Mila December 16, 2014 - 09:06

I'm really into Abbasi I am year!!! I people are the Christmas Eve that year and I do not know what to prepare!!!!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen December 16, 2014 - 11:42

I am pretty sure you will prepare something fabulous, But if some my recipe can give you an inspiration I am just happy! I'm sure your dinners will be crazy! ADA


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