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My menu of meat for Christmas 2016

by Ada Parisi
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Meat lovers, Here we are at the menu of meat for Christmas. If that vegetarian not quite in your strings, you don't care about the menu Creative and don't you love the fish, Today I have a few small suggestions that I hope will be useful for lunch or Christmas dinner, But even for new year's Eve, Although the Italian tradition wants that on this occasion you eat mostly fish. Also this menu of meat is structured with two entrees, a first course, a second and three desserts: a cake that is common to all menus, which this year I held particularly, and two sweet puddings light enough, Since you will already have eaten dishes heavy and high calorie. Today's menu includes a minimal entrée, the pork meatballs with tuna sauce, they do lead the way to an elegant egg appetizer, fondue and truffles. For the first dish I wanted to suggest a lasagna, traditional dish (You can prepare it in advance), but a little’ different from usual because pumpkin and sausage. The second dish was one of my favorites of 2016: the pork tenderloin with beer, wrapped in prosciutto and served with chestnuts: You can prepare everything in advance and reheat over low heat before serving. Finally, as I was saying, Pistachio cake and two sweet beautiful and elegant but not heavy: the aspic to moscato d'Asti (that makes Christmas atmosphere) and the ricotta mousse with almond milk. Perfect, even as colors, for the holidays table.

Pork meatballs with Sage with tuna sauce

STARTER: pork meatballs with Sage with tuna sauce







Egg, fonduta e tartufo d'Alba

STARTER: poached egg with truffle fondue







Lasagne d'autunno con zucca e salsiccia

FIRST COURSE: autumn lasagna with pumpkin and sausage







Pork Tenderloin with chestnuts

MAIN COURSE: beer pork tenderloin with chestnuts







Pistachio cake with ricotta cream and strawberries

Pistachio cake with ricotta cream and strawberries





Aspic al Moscato d'Asti e frutti di bosco

SWEETS: aspic in moscato d'Asti and berries





Mousse of ricotta and almond milk

Ricotta mousse with almond milk

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