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Marseille: What to see and where to eat in 3 days

And what to buy in the oldest city in France

by Ada Parisi
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guida su cosa vedere e dove mangiare a Marsiglia in tre giorni di vacanza

Here's my Marseille guide: What to see and where to eat in three days of vacation. And of course on all the small Things to buy to take home a beautiful and useful memory. Marseille is the oldest city in France, the gateway to Provence. Is’ a place of commerce, Interweaving of cultures and peoples. A vibrant city of nearly one million inhabitants, colorful, fascinating and contradictory. Like Naples, Genoa, Palermo, Barcelona, Tunis, Algiers to Beirut and Istanbul, Marseille is also among the most important cities that have an open port on the Mediterranean Sea. A sea very different from the Nordic seas: However, if you love the cold, I recommend you read the GUIDE TO BERGEN, IN NORWAY: WHAT TO SEE AND WHERE TO EAT IN THE CAPITAL OF THE FJORDS.

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In this article on what to see and where to eat in Marseille in three days of vacation we will walk together enjoying its rich gastronomy and its architectural and historical beauties. On a weekend in Marseille you can taste delicacies such as bouillabaisse or les navettes. Explore cathedrals and museums like the Mucem or the Soap Museum. Sail the sea to visit the Frioul Islands. In a word, Really have fun.

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Three days in Marseille in three video itineraries

In this article on what to see and where to eat in 3 days in Marseille you will discover everything that the city can offer you. But what could be better than seeing with your own eyes a preview of the journey you are planning? To help you I shot three videos that make you want to visit Marseille. You can find them on my Instagram profile.


Regarding accommodation, Marseille is quite expensive. I suggest you stay in the center anyway, e.g. all’NH COLLECTION MARSEILLE, or to the NEW HOTEL LE QUAI with a view of the Old Port. Among the organized activities worth mentioning, Surely the FOOD TOUR OF MARSEILLE, A 3 and a half hour culinary tour in which to taste all the good things in the city. But also the tour BEYOND THE BOUILLABASSE, BETWEEN DELICATESSENS AND RESTAURANTS: After this tour La Bouillabasse, Marseille's iconic dish, He won't have any more secrets. Finally, If you are in a group or have little time, You can opt for a GUIDED WALKING TOUR of Marseille between Longchamp Palace, the Old Port and Notre Dame de la Garde.

How to get to and around Marseille

The airport is only 25 km from the city centre and it is connected by both buses and trains. We flew with Ryanair from Rome and took a bus to Saint Charles train station, where we arrived in about 30 minutes.

To move around Marseille there are metro, Well-organized buses and trams. A tourist train that leaves from the Old Port takes visitors to discover the city. The center can be easily explored on foot. Taxi service is a bit’ complicated, in the sense that few cars circulate and even on the phone you have to wait several minutes before finding one. I do not recommend betting on taxis to move around the city.

To travel on the means, Access to museums and get discounts on the premises, A good suggestion is to buy the Online city pass, or directly at the’Marseille Tourist Office, along rue Canebière. It is very useful and has a validity of 24, 48 and 72 hours.

Itineraries not to be missed in Marseille

  • The heart of Marseille is represented by the Rue Canebière and the Old Port. Walking along the Canebiere to the port is one of the ways to get into the spirit of this city. The Port retains an atmosphere of yesteryear. Stroll under the shadehouse, the mirrored ceiling (called Ombrière) created by British architect Norman Foster, is one of the things not to be missed.
  • At the Old Port (Vieux port) Every morning the colorful and lively fish market takes place (marché des poissons), where small local fishermen sell products directly from their boats or from banquets set up for the occasion. Is’ often crowded with Marseille inhabitants who can buy products directly from fishermen, at fair prices.
  • From the Old Port, Take the Bus 60 to get there, in about 20 minutes to the basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde (1860), overlooking Marseille from the top of the hill. From there, the view opens 360 degrees from the Frioul Islands to the commercial port of the city.
  • Then go to visit the Abbey of San Vittore, the oldest in Marseille, dating back to the fourth century . The entrance to the main aisles is free but the treasure of this church is in its crypt. The ticket costs 2 euros but it is worth paying because here is the history of this church dedicated to the martyr Vittore. Every year, The Black Virgin who is kept in the crypt, on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of Candlemas, it is carried in procession from the Old Port to the Church of San Vittore to receive the blessing of the bishop. Then, the procession moves to the ancient Four des navettes, the oven of the shuttles of Marseille, where the shuttles (Cookies in the shape of small boats, typical of this city) are distributed to the population.
  • By bus number 3, always starting from the Canebiere, you arrive at the splendid Palais Longchamp with its park, The gardens and the Natural History Museum.
  • Another short itinerary to do during a three-day holiday in Marseille is to walk along the port in the direction of the great Fanal Tower (built in 1644) and pay a visit to the Mucem, the Museum of the Peoples of the Mediterranean. After visiting this modern museum, and have enjoyed a coffee or pastis on the terrace of the building designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, don't miss a visit to Fort Saint Jean, another panoramic point of the city. At the Fort, you arrive via a spectacular walkway suspended over the water directly from the Mucem.

Major Cathedral in Marseille

  • A 5-minute walk from the Mucem, is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore. One of the largest churches in the Mediterranean, in neo-Byzantine style and inaugurated at the end of the nineteenth century. The citizens of Marseille call it the Major, in Occitan. The Cathedral is located near the Le Panier district, ancient, lively and characteristic, with its murals. Another characteristic neighborhood is Noailles, where you will find a large fruit and vegetable market and numerous ethnic shops selling spices and handicrafts.
  • not far, not to be missed is the Cours Julien, realm of street art in Marseille.
  • From the Old Port, if weather and sea conditions allow it, take the ferry to the Frioul Islands, where the Chateau d'If is located?, scenario chosen by Alexandre Dumas in his story about the Count of Monte Cristo.What to buy in Marseille.

What to buy in Marseille

Therefore, if you are planning three days in Marseille in addition to what to see and where to eat you will surely be interested in taking home some souvenirs. In this beautiful Mediterranean city don't miss the soaps, the spices, cookies, Fabrics and small gourmet joys. Our favorite addresses are these:

  1. chocolate with extra virgin olive oil from Esperantine chocolaterie
  2. the most famous biscuits of Marseille, the Navettes, from Le four des navettes is yes Les_navettes des accoules
  3. lots of spices from all over the world from Saladin: Epices du monde
  4. soaps from Savonnerie Licorne Marseille (and also visit its Soap Museum) is yes Savonnerie Marius Fabre
  5. Hand-woven bags, natural clothes and fabrics from Maison Empereur
  6. lavender, essential oils and perfumes of Provence

What to eat in Marseille. The 10 addresses not to be missed

In an article on what to see and where to eat in 3 days in Marseille you can not miss a list of restaurants to visit and dishes to taste. Marseille is a unique and very lively city from a gastronomic point of view. There are dishes that you absolutely must try and several restaurants to experience for lunch and dinner. over, Obviously, at the ritual of the aperitif, that in Marseille is really a serious thing. Here is a list of traditional and gourmet addresses tried by us:

  1. Regain: a tasting of gourmet dishes and craft beers in a cool garden in the lively Camas neighborhood
  2. Sepia: cocktails and creative dishes on a hill overlooking Saint Victor, with a fabulous view
  3. La Poule Noire : Tastes, the colors, Lively creativity and relaxation at the table
  4. Poissonnerie La Bonne Mer: courtesy, local fish and shellfish a stone's throw from Notre Dame de la Garde
  5. Chez sideboards Les Galinettes: in the bay of the old port, Provençal and Marseillaise tradition of excellent level
  6. Brasserie Om Cafe: in the Old Port, in front of the sea, for an aperitif with pastis
  7. Boulangerie Bagatelle: Croissant, pain au chocolat, Canelès for breakfast
  8. Vanille Noire: A surprising and well-executed ice cream, always in the historic Panier district
  9. Le four des navettes: discover the curious history of Marseille's shuttles
  10. Les_navettes des accoules: High quality workshop baking traditional Provencal biscuits, in the Panier district

And finally here are the eight dishes that you absolutely must taste in Marseille

  1. bouillabaisse, fish soup with saffron. It has prohibitive costs, but it's worth it
  2. Panisses à l'Aioli, chickpea flour pancakes
  3. pieds paquets, pork feet and tripe
  4. artichauts en barigoule, stewed artichokes with spices
  5. palourdes au thyme, clams with thyme: really delicious
  6. Rognons de Veau, sautéed kidneys
  7. Pastis, The official Marseillaise aperitif to be enjoyed with panisses
  8. a plateau de coquillages, oysters, fresh king prawns and seafood served on ice

We would like to thank the Marseille Tourist Board for their cooperation.

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