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Strawberry Jam and ginger

by Ada Parisi
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Confettura di fragole e zenzero: la ricetta facile e passo passo della confettura più amata dai bambini italiani.

Strawberries of Terracina, in Basilicata, di Sardegna. No matter where they come from your strawberries, provided they are biological, luscious and sweet: make a jam! I chose those of Terracina and I matched with ginger, for a more aromatic flavor and round: with a net 4 kg Strawberry Jam for about 300 gram jars will get approximately one.

Make the jam is very, because you don't need to even boil the jars: It is sufficient that they are well washed and clean, pour the hot jam coming to a centimeter from the edge, carefully close them and flip them. Don't touch all night and the vacuum will be created naturally. So you can enjoy your strawberry jam and ginger all winter.

I love eating at breakfast a slice of homemade bread, made with organic wholemeal flour and how those Mills of the bridge, with a layer of lightly salted butter and a teaspoon of strawberry and ginger jam. Remember that in reality the jam is only citrus, all the others are jams, Although many call any fruit Compote ' Jam '. If you love the jams and marmalades also given a look at all my OF JAMS RECIPES, is the right time to prepare!

Confettura di fragole e zenzero: la ricetta facile e passo passo della confettura più amata dai bambini italiani.

STRAWBERRY JAM AND GINGER (Ingredients for 4 jars of 300 grams each)

Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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1 kg of strawberries

650 grams caster sugar

30 grams of fresh ginger root

the juice of half a lemon


Strawberry jam

Wash strawberries, remove the stem and split them in half. Put them in a pot (the same where you will cook later), with sugar, lemon juice and ginger root peeled and grated or finely chopped. Mix everything and let it macerate for at least an hour. After this time, stir well and bring the fruit to a boil, letting it simmer so that sobolla, for about 2 hours and 30. At this point the Jam will begin to thicken: will be ready when, by pouring a spoon on a saucer, After a few minutes it will become thick and syrupy. Keep in mind that the Strawberry Jam is less dense than others because of the large percentage of water contained in fruits.

Pour the jam into jars (that must be sterilized and then washed in the dishwasher or in hot water) filled up to 1 cm from the edge, close firmly and flip the jars on a plane: Like this, with the steam produced by heat jam, It will create a vacuum. Allow to cool completely, better if all night, and the next day by inverting the jars you find a slight depression in the center of the lid, that will confirm that it happened vacuum. You can keep the jam jars for a year in a cool, dry and, When you open them, Remember to store them in the refrigerator.

THE ALTERNATIVES: Spiced plums, Apricot and vanilla, cherries, oranges of Ribera.

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Emma 30 May 2018 - 22:05

They are Terracina and as you can imagine I have a box of strawberries which would make jam unfortunately I diabetes ,how can I reduce the sugar while maintaining consistency? Thanks

Ada Parisi 30 May 2018 - 22:43

hello Emma, strawberry jam without sugar can be done easily, but not in large quantities because sugar is a preservative and, without, It should be consumed relatively quickly. Let's say the jars, tightly closed, They should be stored in a refrigerator and consumed within a month at the maximum if closed, but once opened within three days. The secret is to add a small apple, with the skin contains pectin, every pound of strawberries. I advise you to make a maximum of 1 kg of strawberries and two apples to be able to store and consume properly. Wash the strawberries and place them cut into pieces in a pot together with the two chopped apples with the skin. Add the lemon juice and continue with cooking normally and then with potting in sterilized jars. If you want, you can also add two or three tablespoons of sugar to make it sweeter or sweetener in drops that resists cooking. Let me know if you have concerns.


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