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Liebster Award -2-

by Ada Parisi
5 min read

liebsterLet's answer the Liebster Award questions once again. This time the virtual prize was given to us by a dear foreign friend, Karin I.S. In. Frauenfeld, che ringraziamo di vero cuore. Rispondiamo alle sue 11 domande ma ‘saltiamo’ the part of the nomination of the 11 blogs in our turn: those of the previous Liebester Awards are still valid. Ecco le nostre risposte e un bacio a Karin…


1. What is your favorite drinks? Prosecco

2. Do U like to listen to the music & if U do, what kind of music? Pop music

3. If U have a lot of money, what will U do with it? I would leave my work and I would only cook and travel

4. What color is ur favorite? Black

5. What will u do after u retired or old? I hope I will live near the sea, really near…

6. How many times a week U clean ur house? One, on saturday usually

7. If U have a time machine, what will U do with it? I will return to my childhood

8. How long did U sleep on weekend? How long I can…

9. Do U love children? Sometimes…

10. What is the most exotic food that U ever tried? I think I never tried anything that is really exotic…

11. Do U have an Idol? If U do, who is it? My mum and my dad

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