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Liebster Award -2-

by Ada Parisi
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1. What is your favorite drinks? Prosecco

2. Do U like to listen to the music & if U do, what kind of music? Pop music

3. If U have a lot of money, what will U do with it? I would leave my work and I would only cook and travel

4. What color is ur favorite? Black

5. What will u do after u retired or old? I hope I will live near the sea, really near…

6. How many times a week U clean ur house? One, on saturday usually

7. If U have a time machine, what will U do with it? I will return to my childhood

8. How long did U sleep on weekend? How long I can…

9. Do U love children? Sometimes…

10. What is the most exotic food that U ever tried? I think I never tried anything that is really exotic…

11. Do U have an Idol? If U do, who is it? My mum and my dad

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