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Lemon curd (lemon cream)

Original English recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Lemon curd (crema di limoni): ricetta originale inglese

How to prepare lemon curd (Lemon cream) at home with the original English recipe

Lemon curd: Today, the Original Anglo-Saxon recipe of a delicious and sinful lemon cream that the British have created to give us the possibility of endless breakfasts in the name of goodness. The Lemon cream is thick, has a color Yellow intense and a perfume wonderful. In addition, It is quite sour that we do not think of a pound of butter and sugar needed to prepare.

Lemon curd: What it is and how to use it

But do not be fooled, Lemon curd is high in calories And a teaspoon spread on a biscuit or rusk will put you at peace with the calories until dinner. The use that I prefer for this Yummy lemon cream It's another. Added custard, whipped cream, mascarpone, is perfect filling for crepes, cakes, tiramisu or rolls or greedy for garnish delicious creams.

Alone, It is the main ingredient of the wonderful LEMON PIE, or a stuffed tart with lemon cream and covered with Italian meringue. And it is the basic ingredient of my wonderful TIRAMISU’ LEMON.

Homemade Lemon curd: Alternative recipe

This is the second recipe to prepare The Lemon Curd that you can find here on the website, because a few years ago he has prepared lemon curd according to recipe by Luca Montersino. The main difference is in much greater quantities of both lemon juice or egg: This is more tart lemon curd (there is also less sugar) and I honestly prefer.

That being said, Just remember that Lemon curd is not a lemon jam: is a perishable cream which contains eggs (even if pasteurized) and butter and therefore it should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 7 days, maximum 10 days. Since it is very easy to prepare, do not make too liberal doses because you risk not to have time to finish it. Remember The lemons you will use must be untreated, because you need both the juice, both zest. I prefer the variety Interdonato (Messina) and to Amalfi. And now I wish you good day as always!

Lemon curd (crema di limoni): ricetta originale inglese

LEMON CURD (English recipe)

Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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200 grams of high-quality butter

150 milliliters of organic lemon juice

20 grams of organic lemon zest

200 grams of granulated sugar until extra or icing sugar

a large pinch of salt

120 grams of whole eggs (about two large eggs)

20 grams of egg yolks (about one yolk of one large egg)


Prepare the lemon curd is simple: don't be inhibited by the idea that your lemon curd can be ripped off in cooking or that it can remain too liquid because it is an easy recipe and without pitfalls. Place in a bowl the eggs and egg yolk (You have weighed them?), a pinch of salt and beat them with a fork until untie. You should not make an omelette, simply mix them. Wash carefully lemons, which must necessarily be organic, fresh and not processed because you have to use either the juice or zest.

Grate the zest of the lemons to obtain 20 grams, being careful not to grate the white part also of lemons, which would make the bitter lemon curd. Add zest of lemons to the egg.

Place in a casserole diced butter, the powdered sugar and lemon juice. Put the pan on the stove and cook over very low heat until the butter has not melted. Stir until the mixture is perfectly blended will. Pour the butter mixture over eggs, sugar and lemon, flush, pianissimo and stirring constantly with a whisk, to obtain a yellow liquid and homogenous.

Now comes the stage that everyone fears and, instead, there must slightest worry: You need to cook the mixture obtained in a water bath, that is, put the saucepan inside a saucepan with boiling water. The only thing you need to pay attention to, is that the water doesn't touch the bottom of the saucepan, otherwise the eggs may curdle.

Remember that cooking in a water bath is an induction cooking, the steam that is formed in the pot containing boiling water heats the pan in which you are cooking the lemon curd. Cook the lemon curd in a water bath, stirring constantly, for 10-15 minutes or until the lemon curd is not polished, intense and dense yellow (remember that the lemon curd with cooling becomes more and more dense).

Pour the lemon curd in jars and let it cool. The lemon curd is preserved, tightly closed, Refrigerate for 7-10 days at most.


THE SUGGESTION: Use the lemon curd on biscuits, bread or biscuits, cracks stuffed with lemon curd and fresh fruit. You can use it to fill pastry shells or fill cakes, alone or mixed with cream, mascarpone and custard.

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Mimma 7 May 2020 - 13:55

Hi Ada, congratulations on the fantastic recipes! I wanted to ask you if lemon curd can also be used to stuff brioche, then baking it in the oven, or just cold. Thanks

Ada Parisi 7 May 2020 - 14:43

hello Mimma, thank you infinitely. The lemon curd you can only use it cold, you can stuff the brioche but after you have cooked them. Being composed for frog part of butter and egg would melt in the oven. A warm greeting, ADA

alessandro Priano 11 March 2019 - 13:59

ohhhhh the fantastico !!!
I always wanted to make the lemon curd!!…I'll .100%’
Thanks Ada

Ada Parisi 11 March 2019 - 15:41

Thanks Alessandro, and since you're already an expert in the kitchen trying to make with the lemon curd meringue lemon pie, it is crazy. One kiss, ADA

elisabetta corbetta 11 March 2019 - 08:39

I love lemon, It is a recipe magnificent.
A big kiss

Ada Parisi 11 March 2019 - 15:40

Then try it, minimum effort and maximum yield. A hug, ADA


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