My recipes to fit Stevia. And a sweet contest but sugar free

Sweets, passion. As you might have seen, to make desserts I'm taking taste and I'm experimenting with different: dishes for the spoon, cakes, brioche, frozen desserts. From Sicily I can't help loving the pastries, one of the pillars of the kitchen of my land: between cassate, Cannoli, Doghouse, Watermelon Frost, mustard, cookies, brioche with or without tuppo,  Petit Fours, ICES and ice cream I have not spoiled for choice, Although all this sugar is no friend of the diet or health. for that, When Measure Stevia He asked me to prepare the recipes of traditional Sicilian pastries in key light, replacing sugar with Stevia, I thought the challenge was inspiring.

Speaking of Sicilian pastries, We speak of cakes where sugar plays a key part, We need only think of the use of sugar even indirect, that is in addition to the preparation: candied fruits, Marzipan, icings, are all seals that add sugar sugar. I decided to accept the proposed Measure Stevia, Why reduce the amount of sugar is not just for those who want to control your weight, But even for those who have diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes and know well this disease: I know she loved sweets and that he took away almost always. Today, with Stevia, you could indulge and satisfy some indulgence. I have experienced two traditional desserts: the cannoli and the frost of watermelon. the result, in both, was great, especially in the frost of watermelon: soon you will see my regional recipes you see in the picture on the site Measure Stevia, I invite you to try them out and let me know what you think.

I chose to write this post to everyone today can try reducing the sugar content (particularly refined) and experience the sweet recipes of their own tradition by entering the competition Measure Stevia 'The sweetness that rewards you’: just trying, experimenting and customizing recipes you'll discover that you can eat good cakes, satisfactory and less calories. You will put to test your culinary skills while having fun and, If your cake is chosen, you will win a prize that already envy the first three winners: a cooking class at home worth 1,200 euros. To participate just register on the site by clicking this link: http:www.misurastevia.it/page/sign-up.

For the more curious: Stevia is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, shrub native to Brazil and Paraguay that sweetens naturally without caloric intake with two active ingredients, stevioside and rebaudioside A (Reb To) I have a 300 times the sweetening power of sugar. Here You can find all the information about Stevia.

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