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The Langhe: Dawn, Barolo, truffles and beer

by Ada Parisi
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Gentle hills covered with vineyards, a low sky covered with fine mist, an aroma of wine through the streets of Barolo, for those of Alba truffle. Are the Langhe, in the province of Cuneo, territory which, together with the Monferrato and Roero was entered on the list of Unesco World Heritage landscape considered. My three days in this territory were light days (At last) and after quickly between a visit to the brewery Baladin, a Marchesi di Barolo Winery, the great food and the cobbled streets of Alba. Already the arrival at Caselle Airport is a glance, with the Crown of the Alps and the sharp tip, almost jagged Monviso surrounding the torinese. Then drive along a fiery autumn colours countryside and poignant. My favorite season, the most beloved. For those wishing to visit the territory l’Langhe Roero tourist Department It is an important reference point where you will find all the information you might need.

Then Barolo, a village dominated by a severe Castle (today wine Museum) where the wineries follow each other relentlessly (Main article: visit Consortium). Country making tourism its backbone, Barolo is a small town which gave its name to one of the protected designation of origin among the most important in Italy and more known to the world: the Barolo Docg. A wine that is the pride of Italy abroad, beat in auctions from Hong Kong to London, it comes from the Nebbiolo grape surrounding Barolo from Cannubi Hill very prestigious, where the cost of a hectare of vineyard exceeds half a million euros.

Wineries and town are one, from Boschis to Damilano, from Conterno to ancient farms of Marchesi di Barolo. A cellar, the latter, with more than two centuries of history and which is now led by patron Ernesto Abbona. The cellar still preserves 4 barrels of the nineteenth century, restored by the family and is still used in vinification of grapes from about 120 hectares of vineyards where the main varieties are grown in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. Heart of the Babbar who are born from the Cannubi and other areas of the Docg with one hand always attentive to the highest expression of terroir. Take a walk in cellar, accompanied by Ernesto Abbona, between barrique, concrete tanks, French wood and steel, helps to understand the difficulties and the charm of a craft that reached the complex balance between modern techniques and respect for tradition, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Benchmark and beating heart of the Langhe is Dawn, City of entrepreneurs and culinary excellence, from the point of view of products, both of the protagonists of the kitchen: by chef Enrico Crippa with his three-star Michelin restaurant in one of the most famous Italian master pastry chefs, Luca Montersino. Impossible not to mention the white truffle of Alba or prized truffle: the Tuber magnatum pico was sold with digits from the 2000 and 3000 euros per kilo and its unique scent permeates the whole Alba, where is held every year in October the White Truffle Fair. Very popular in restaurants, where a ' grated truffle ' costs on average 35 euros, fits perfectly with the ' 36 ' tajarin egg yolks, thin strands of pasta dough is made with 36 yolks, with fontina fondue and especially with the humble eggs in cocotte. Unable to silence the cheeses (Tome, robiola cheeses, blue-veined) and gentle hazelnut of Piedmont (behind the famous Alba hazelnut cake), as well as the production of marron glacé and natural Brown.

But the Langhe are not only land of wine and truffles: the small town of Piozzo boasts Italy's most famous craft brewery, Baladin, born from an intuition of Teo Musso and today produces more than 350 thousand bottles of beer that have as their common thread the unbridled imagination of Teo and his staff. The brewery has now become a global phenomenon, Since it opened in New York, but visiting the premises from which everything began still makes perfectly the idea of how the stubbornness passionate about a visionary like Teo could rise to what today is Casa Baladin in Piozzo and Open Baladin with offices in Rome and Turin. A reality that you can definitely define progenitor of the boom of Italian micro breweries, Today there are over 500. Yet in casa Baladin there sitting on their laurels and still working to get to have a 100% Italian chain, from the fields of barley in Sicily until bottling. A phenomenon that started with Piozzo (Teo still lives in the shadow of his village), where the main square is dominated on one side by the eclectic Casa Baladin (Restaurant focused on the beer with dreamy rooms in a historic building recovered) and on the other by the brewery Baladin, the so-called ' marquee’ where Teo served the first crepes imagining tomorrow and where today it still plays every week live music.

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Clare November 30, 2014 - 17:25

Dear Ada
first of all congratulations for your site.
I'm from the area of Alba and I'm really happy and proud that you did an article about.
In the coming days place a few typical recipe 8es. Hazelnut cake, Bonet…)

See you soon

Sicilians creative in the kitchen November 30, 2014 - 17:49

Hello Clare, Thank you and welcome to my blog! If placed bonet warn, because I still have not found a recipe that I like and I'm all about your! See you soon, ADA. PS, the Langhe are magnificent, but certainly don't have to tell you!


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