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The damselfish carnival

by Ada Parisi
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Le castagnole di Carnevale

Today damselfish carnival: on Carnival recipes are fairly in arrears, I admit. for that, I spent the last weekend to enrich my book of recipes Carnival, since the damselfish. And I, I do not love the sweet fried, I found I loved the crackers: soft, fragrant, light and not greasy. Is’ so that should be the perfect damselfish. Let her be easier, really, just follow some small steps, as in the case of two other desserts very simple carnevalizi: CHATTER and struffoli.

How to make the perfect Carnival damselfish

First, do not delete the LIQUOR: If you do not like the Cointreau usatene another, but use it, because it lightens the dough and keeps the soft castagnola longer. If you want to give the crackers to your children do not worry: the amount of liquor is minimal and the alcohol, evaporates during cooking. Yet, The PEEL OF CITRUS is never enough: you can only use lemon, or arancio, or as I prefer to do a mixture of citrus, mandarins including, to give a wonderful aroma damselfish.

The PACKET must be compact but slightly sticky: it is normal that it is, do not add flour. Respect of the dough rest periods (I will say that I left the mixture overnight in the refrigerator and, in my opinion, the taste has gained enormously) damselfish and formed of the same weight so that they cook evenly. Do not skimp on the oil for frying, if you do so many damselfish, change it halfway through cooking. Now I leave you in peace, enjoy your damselfish. And have a look at all my CARNIVAL RECIPES from various Italian regions. Have a good day!

Le castagnole di Carnevale


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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200 grams of flour 00
65 grams of eggs (circa un uovo grande intero, but weigh it)
30 grams of butter at room temperature
60 grams of caster sugar
a large pinch of salt
the grated rind of one orange, a lemon and two biological mandarins
30 milliliters of Cointreau or liquor you prefer (Rum, Anisetta, Witch, Grappa)
8 grams of baking powder
half berry vanilla Bourbon (or half a teaspoon of extract)
peanut oil for frying, to taste
Granulated sugar for the crackers


The damselfish carnival

Prepare the crackers to perfection is simple, just use a few tips. Let's start with the dough: putting at work the flour and baking powder sifted, Salt, peel of citrus fruits (abundant, most citrus peel used as the crackers will be perfumed), sugar, soft butter, vanilla and eggs. Begin to knead all the ingredients, then add the Cointreau liqueur or that you have chosen and continue to knead. If the dough is a little too dry, you can still add a dash of liqueur: the dough must be soft but compact, cedevole, slightly tacky but still workable (photo 1). Wrap the dough loaf to the crackers in plastic wrap and let stand in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Divide the dough into many small pieces, weighing about 10 grams each: it is important that chestnuts have about all the same weight so that they cook evenly in boiling oil. Give each piece of dough into a round shape.

The Castagnole

Pour abundant peanut oil or high oleic sunflower seeds in a pot with high edges (I use a wok, according to me I perfect for frying in diving): when the oil has reached about 165-170 degrees (I will never finish recommending you purchase a kitchen thermometer), damselfish dive a few at a time. If the oil is hot enough, in a few minutes the crackers will rise to the surface and the surface doreranno. Drain the chestnuts and put them on a sheet of absorbent paper to eliminate any excess oil. If you have prepared many damselfish (a double or triple dose than the one I gave you), I suggest you change the oil once you get to the middle of the fry. Roll the still warm damselfish in granulated sugar and serve immediately. Bon appétit!


The crackers are good freshly made, eaten still warm. Like all fried pastries, damselfish lose softness and perfumes as it passes the time: the next day are still good, maybe dipped in milk for breakfast, but there will be more fragrant. Many say that the crackers can be stuffed with custard or chocolate: I suggest you not to do it because this is a dough 'full' and inside there is no room to inject a cream. If you really want to accompany them with a cream, serve apart and the crackers dipped in the cream before eating.

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