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Sicilian-style lacerto agglazed

Recipe for the typical Sicilian meat main course

by Ada Parisi
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Lacerto agglassato alla siciliana: un secondo piatto di carne tipico palermitano

How to prepare Sicilian-style glazed lacerto with onions

In Sicily Every family has its own recipe To prepare the Sicilian glazed lacerto with onions, A sFlat econdo of meat Palermo Poor but definitely tasty. Similar, in the ingredients, the GENOVESE MEAT Neapolitan. On my YouTube channel you will also find the VIDEO RECIPE To prepare this second course of meat that is a must of Sicilian Sunday lunches.

The Sicilian-style lacerto agglazed recipe that I give you today It's my grandmother's Anna. And so it's a Traditional Palermo recipe . This is A touch of veal or manz meator cooked in a sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, spices, Onions and white wine. If you prefer richer meat main courses, You can also cook the FALSOMAGRO STUFFED WITH PALERMO STYLE or the Chicken, accompanied by a soft mashed potato. To prepare the glazed fragment You can use the baby walker or the scottona nut: You Need, Anyway, a rather lean cut of meat.

Agglanato or aggrasciatu siciliano: What does it mean

The word “agglassato glazed meat” or “Aggrasciatu”, In fact, It doesn't mean “grasso” but “glazed”, i.e. shiny and shiny. This is because the onion sauce, Well shrunk, becomes shiny and resembles a glaze. We come to the onion sauce: My grandmother used to blend onions to make a smooth, velvety sauce. Or you can also Strain the sauce as I do and add a small piece of handled butter with cornstarch or flour to thicken the sauce. you can also Leave the onions in pieces If you prefer a more rustic sauce to accompany this second course of Palermo meat. Three options with different outcomes: The filtered and thickened sauce is glossy and elegant, The other two sauces are more rustic and 'homemade'.

Pasta with glaze or pasta all'agfrostato

Don't forget that With the onion sauce of the Sicilian-style glazed lacerto you can (You) Season the pasta. The “Dough with glaze” or “Pasta all'agglanato” It is a Sicilian first course that is simply delicious. The Pasta with glaze is a dish for recovering the leftover bottom from the glazed fragment, but also with the Fund of the SICILIAN-STYLE STEWED KID OR LAMB or simply the WHITE STEW. A small piece of butter and the grated cheese of your choice and yours Traditional Sicilian first course on Sunday is ready. And now I wish you good Sunday!

Lacerto agglassato alla siciliana: un secondo piatto di carne tipico palermitano


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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1,2 kilos of lacerto (Scottona walnut, walker)

500 grams of copper onions

200 ml dry white wine

2 tablespoons flour



black peppercorns

2 Bay leaves

extra virgin olive oil

20 grams of butter and 10 grams of cornstarch



Kitchen Probe Thermometer

Roasting pan


Sicilian-style glazed lacerto is very simple to prepare, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE. You can do it even a day in advance, store it in the refrigerator and, the next day, Slice the meat and serve at room temperature with the boiling sauce.

Toast two tablespoons of flour until it turns slightly yellowish. Sprinkle the fragment with fine salt, massaging it for a few minutes. Then sprinkle it on top, always massaging, with toasted flour. You can also skip this operation and simply salt the meat: The trick of toasted flour on meat comes from English recipes for the preparation of ENGLISH ROAST BEEF. Flour serves a dual purpose: with browning, creates a crispy crust on the surface of the meat and helps, being a thickener, to thicken the sauce.

Sauté the meat in plenty of extra virgin olive oil, over high heat and in a high-sided pan. Turn it over on all sides until it is evenly browned.

While the brown meat, Clean the onions and wash them: I grate them, But you can also cut it into thin or even coarse slices. It all depends on what you want to get out of the onion sauce. Once the meat is perfectly browned, Remove it from the pan and add the onions. Season with a little salt and add the black peppercorns.

Sauté the onions over low heat until they turn golden, then add the meat, bay leaf and rosemary, finely chopped. Deglaze with white wine and, When the alcohol has evaporated, Cover and cook over low heat for about 40-45 minutes. I use a kitchen thermometer and, When the flesh has reached 55 degrees to the heart (so inside still pink and juicy) I'm removing it. Wrap the meat in aluminum foil and continue cooking the onions for another 10 minutes or so.

As for the sauce, You have 3 options: Leave the onions as they are, rustic and coarse. Blend the onions to make a thicker sauce. Strain the sauce to obtain a glossy and velvety sauce.

I chose the third option: I strained the sauce through a sieve, mashing the onions well so you don't waste anything. Then I put the onion sauce in a saucepan, I added a small piece of soft butter mixed with a little flour and melted it in the sauce bringing it to a boil. Butter and flour make the sauce slightly thicker and shinier.

Slice the meat into slices that are not too thin and serve immediately with the boiling sauce. The perfect outline? Baked potatoes, Obviously. Bon appétit!


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