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The Mimosa Cake in 4 variations for March 8th

Classical, tiramisu, modern and roll

by Ada Parisi
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Torta Mimosa per l'8 marzo

How to prepare the Mimosa Cake recipe in 4 variations

Today I leave you the recipe Mimosa cake in 4 variations for March 8, Women's Day. The Mimosa Cake is a Classic Dessert, timeless. One of the most well-known and loved desserts of Italian pastry. Simple but impressive, has become the Women's Day Symbol together with the flower of the same name. The Mimosa Cake is’ a sweet Very easy to prepare: A soft Spain loaf, So much Diplomatic cream and a wet. I, like many others, I love to enrich this dessert with the fruit, both fresh and canned fruit, according to the season. My favorite versions is that with fishing, both fresh and canned and one with wild strawberries.

The Mimosa Cake in the original recipe

These ingredients lend themselves very well to many variations, both taste and appearance. If you are a traditionalist and love the TRADITIONAL MIMOSA CAKE RECIPE, soft and creamy, but with an extra twist, You can do like me. I prepare it following the classic recipe But I'll do it at Dome shape, instead of just a layer cake. Enough Use a zuccotto mold And there you have it.

Tiramisu version: the Mimosa Cake fast and tasty

Maximum yield and minimum effort. If you are Novice pastry chefs or you simply have little time to spend in the kitchen, the pudding It's always the best choice. the TIRAMISU VERSION’ OF THE MIMOSA CAKE It has all the Ingredients of the traditional recipe, but you don't have to fight with layers of sponge cake filled with cream that comes out from everywhere. You will not live in anxiety that the cream may be too liquid and the slices not compact enough. And above all, you will not have to cover the cake with pieces of sponge cake, rather tedious operation. To give an extra touch to this dessert, I flavored the cream with lemon zest. The freshness of citrus makes this easy version of Mimosa Cake even more intriguing.

The refined Mimosa Cake: the modern tart

Among the 4 variants of Mimosa Cake for March 8 is that of the modern tart. Making a timeless dessert more modern is not, Actually, simple enterprise. You are always afraid to approach a great classic: fear of making mistakes, to ruin the recipe and above all its spirit. I tried and I created a Mimosa Cake in version MODERN TART. A crumbly shell of short pastry, the Diplomatic cream, Many fresh strawberries, wet and Spain loaf Combined in creamy and delicious layers. I assure you that it is not at all difficult to prepare, Indeed. And it's a very choreographic dessert, definitely different from the usual.

The Mimosa roll: Elegance and simplicity

In this fourth and final variant, Mimosa Cake become a MIMOSA ROLL, creamy and rich in fresh fruit and Canned. I put strawberries and peaches, but you can also add pineapple if you like. Even in this case, the classic ingredients of Mimosa are all there, but the realization is much faster. All you have to do is make a sponge cake roll, Fill it with cream and decorate it. It looks really good and is at a Mimosa Cake recipe beginner, like all sweet rolls. The choice is yours. Now I wish you a good day. PS. subscribe, If you like, to my channel YouTube and follow me on Instagram.

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