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The recipe for apple pie in many delicious variations

Egg free, no butter, with chocolate or cream

by Ada Parisi
5 min read
Torta di mele: ricetta sofficissima e risultato sempre perfetto

Today I'm leaving theA recipe for apple pie but in many delicious variations: There's one for every taste. With the cream, chocolate, without eggs, no butter, with more fruit and much more. The Apple pie is definitely one of the simple desserts and most loved by Italians. We have all had a grandmother or a mother who lovingly prepared apple pie for us as a snack and we all keep the memory of it in our hearts. Is’ A simple and fragrant dessert that tastes like autumn, Home, by family. Indeed, Apple pie is the autumn dessert, Quick and easy to prepare par excellence.

And if it's true that everyone has their own recipe for memory, It is also true that Apple pie lends itself to endless variations. From the most classic recipe to the most whimsical one. Is Every apple pie has its own apple: the yellow Golden Delicious or the Renette look good almost everywhere, but don't forget the sour taste of Annurca apples or the sweetness of Stark Delicious. If you want to know more, read my article on APPLES IN THE KITCHEN: PROPERTY', TYPES AND RECIPES.

Here are all the apple pie recipes in many delicious variations

  • APPLE CAKE MOTHER: The apple pie that we all have in our hearts, very soft and fragrant with grated lemon zest or cinnamon. A timeless classic, with VIDEO RECIPE.
  • RICOTTA CAKE AND APPLES WITHOUT BUTTER: Soft and rich, It doesn't have butter but it has ricotta in the dough. It keeps for a long time and is perfect for breakfast.
  • APPLE PIE, WITHOUT EGGS: for those who are intolerant or allergic to egg proteins. A balanced dessert so that it is soft and tasty even without eggs.
  • SPICY APPLE PIE, with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise. A frosted dessert that smells like winter and Christmas-
  • MELARANCIA CAKE: a concentrate of vitamins, with lots of orange juice and apple pieces.
  • LIGHT APPLE PIE or invisible apple pie: Pleasure without sin. A dessert without butter and almost without flour, Rich in fruit. Eat without the anxiety of the scale.


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