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Quarantine has changed eating habits: that's how

by Ada Parisi
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Gli italiani in quarantena hanno imparato a fare il pane

Quarantine due to health emergency has changed our eating habits: that's how. We have increased the consumption of healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, but we also ate sweeter and drank more wine. Maybe to console us with the lockdown, which has radically affected our choices and behaviors in the kitchen and at the table. But, in addition to kneading more, since searching for online bread recipes, pasta and pizza touched the stars, how eating habits have changed? The Observatory on Surpluses tried to answer these questions, recoveries and food waste (Oersa) of Create, which conducted a national survey to document and analyse changes in daily feeding during quarantine.

The Crea survey: Italians have chosen healthier foods

The survey was carried out during quarantine on 2900 people from all regions of Italy, 75% of which are females and 25% are males. And here's how quarantine changed our eating habits. Respondents said they had increased their consumption of healthy food. Especially vegetables ( 33%), fruit (29%), legumes ( 26,5%), water (22%), extra virgin olive oil #8217 d &; (21,5% ).

But the healthy attitudes of the Italians run aground in front of the throat. In fact, in parallel with the increased consumption of healthy foods, well the 44,5% of respondents admitted to eating sweeter and 16% drinking more wine. Classic comfort food, like sugar and carbohydrates, to pull a little’ on morale.

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In quarantine, experiment with new recipes and new foods

Is, since not all evils come to harm, quarantine was the right opportunity to experiment with new foods (40%) and try new recipes (31%). Improving your eating habits at the same time (24%) and maturing eco-friendly habits. How to do separate collection (86%). Even if it comes naturally to wonder what will become of the differentiation in phase 2. Yet, in quarantine the Italians have chosen to waste less, storing and consuming some over-purchased foods, or eat everything, including leftovers (80%).

La quarantena ha rappresentato anche un’ occasione per migliorare la distribuzione dell’energia assunta nell’arco della giornata. Both making more snacks (20,5%), both improving their eating habits (24%).

The renewed desire to cook Italians, however has a backlash on the budget: 44% of respondents, In fact, increased weight for the increased caloric intake. Also for less physical activity due to lockdown, which covered 53% of the sample. As it is confirmed by the need to put on a diet: 37% of Italians decided to cut their calorie intake to prepare for the bikini test. Whether you go on holiday or not.

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