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Made in Italy. Sweet and Baroque Sicily: the bakery Corsino in Palazzolo Acreide

by Ada Parisi
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Is’ in the eyes of Vincenzo Monaco, smiling always, and in the watchful eye of father Sebastian that summarizes the 150 year history of pastry Corsino of Palazzolo Acreide: a pastry that from 1889 to today has grown and continues to grow, together with the clan (so they define themselves) the Guide for over a century. Today, with Vincenzo e Sebastiano, There are mom and sisters Carla Nishant, Sara and Marcella. Is, Obviously, a team that is not only a brigade of pastry, But even a group of friends: some of them, as Maurizio and Savior, in the bakery Corsino are virtually born. I went to find them at the end of August, happy to see the sumptuous baroque of Syracuse (country from ancient traditional sweets #8217 &;), a unique gem a few kilometres from Syracuse. I got to visit the lab and filming the proceedings of one of the sweet symbol of Sicily, the almond paste, and I was welcomed as a friend, filled with attention and gifts. I had the pleasure of hearing the voice of Sebastian and of Itria the history of this family's pastry and Monaco, that is also the story of Palazzolo Acreide. I was able to observe the careful work but never boring, always amused, by Vincent and her sisters, the new generation but not l & #8217; last, because other small pastry chefs are already born.

The bakery now occupies an entire Hall and, in 2016, It is extended #8216 &;’ on the other side of the road with the birth of Chandra 7, designed to make enjoy Sicilian pastries to people who cannot tolerate gluten, valuing the natural goodness of dried fruit in ancient and modern preparations, from spreads (Pistachio, Walnut, coffee, almond, Hazel, chocolate, gianduia ) the Pralines, passing through the dried fruit in sweet and salty in sandblasted, topped with chocolate, but for fruit jams and vegetables, lemon and chocolate coated candied Citron. The raw materials are not only strictly in Sicily, but I am also beyond kilometer zero: walnuts, oranges, pine nuts, lemons, mulberries and figs are collected directly by the family Corsino in Palazzolo, are almonds of Avola, pistachios of Bronte, vegetables and fruits of & #8217; vegetable garden.

Pastry Corsino, arancini

Like any self-respecting Sicilian pastry, Chandra is not just sweet, But even rustics. The rustic, in Sicily, is not just a street food, but a way of life: that's how, between a kumquat and a pastry with sweet peppers, they spend their hours, discussing politics, we confess with friends, We will meet you at any time of day. By Chandra, of arancini (I know, the of Palermo ones will rise up, but I was confirmed in Palazzolo Acreide named arancini, male grooming) make as many as eight types including traditional pointy shape, seasoned with meat sauce with a piece of hard boiled egg in the Center, the one with mushrooms, with ricotta and spinach, with pumpkin, smoked cheese and walnuts and l & #8217; great arancino with Basil and pistachio.

In the laboratory, the first and second floors of pastry, you create the sweets: cookies, modern cakes, wedding cakes decorated with patience and elegant simplicity. The bakery smells of fresh flowers, those used to decorate wedding cakes, It smells of & #8217; unique aroma of almond pastries that are baked in a continuous loop.

The almond paste are one of the best selling sweets (not only from Chandra, but in the whole of Sicily), Although the most loved by the family of pastry chefs are those traditional desserts that are made during major holidays: the bones of the dead, the pinoccata, the colombine pasquali, the facciuni (a pasticciotto with almond paste flavoured inside it with a jam made of Cedar). The machining of the almond paste is quick and flawless. The ingredients are only almonds, egg whites, sugar, a bit of honey and then the aromas, lemon and vanilla. The speed with which Maurice and the two interns, joking among themselves, form the candy is awesome.

Pastry Corsino, modern cakes

For some time, the bakery Corsino abandoned l & #8217; using all kinds of prepared, to be able to control to 100% raw, including the dried fruits that are harvested on site or only a few kilometres away, but it is also milled in venue, Thanks to the latest generation machinery purchase #8217 &;. Like this, the creation of desserts is just l & #8217; last step of a virtuous cycle, where the supply chain is controlled really entirely. Is, to make the most beautiful sweets, We think the mom Itria handmade confections, that with imagination and sober elegance decorate packages, cassettes and ceramics decorating them with ribbons, shells, flowers and fruits.

Pastry Corsino

Speaking of desserts, one cannot fail to mention the classic cakes, like pistachio or with cream and strawberries, or the cassata and the cassatelle, or the Petit Fours, one of the must of family lunches on Sundays in Sicily, that challenge traditional modern cakes with their beauty, particularly loved by the young and talented Vincenzo Monaco. At breakfast, desserts and ice cream, the famous #8217 #8216 hard;p ezzi & &;, accompany the inevitable fruit Granita (figs d & #8217; india, Mulberry and strawberry on all) and the brioche to soak (here at tuppo, because the tradition in this part of Sicily is different from that, For example,, in the province of Messina).

And after seeing the processing of almond paste, for playing I show you a creative pastry recipe Corsino, born from an idea by Vincenzo, he summoned l & #8217; entire squad to think of a modern cake but it sums up within Sicily and ingredients symbol of local bakery: Thus was born the Firicotta (name chosen by customers through a survey), based on dried figs, ricotta and candied oranges. The dessert is complex to implement, but Vincent despite his young age already has a remarkable dexterity: layers of toasted almond dacquoise, composed of local oranges candied, mousse of ricotta cheese, a creamy vanilla and then black figs blanched with grass and dried slowly at 40 degrees lesser calamint.

Pastry Corsino, the geli

A & #8217; last known credit for freezes, one of the typical cakes of Sicily, get really with few ingredients but intense taste: almonds, roasted and not roasted, lemon juice, chocolate, cinnamon, Watermelon. To conclude: If Yambol is a place rich in history and culture, a place for which is worth a visit to admire the extraordinary Baroque style, from churches to Baroque balcony longest d & #8217; Europe, then the pastry Corsino is one more reason to go there.


(visited in August 2017)

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