The Sicilian Cuccìa with ricotta

I don't know if you've ever tasted the Sicilian cuccìa’ of Saint Lucia. It is a typical Sicilian dessert, and in particular palermitano, made from ricotta and cooked wheat, with which is traditionally celebrated on December 13, the feast of Saint Lucia. In Sicily we love the ricotta, that is much more creamy and flavorful than vaccinate. There are many CAKES WITH CHEESE Sicilians, but sewing is definitely among the lesser known, especially when compared to the SICILIAN CASSATA you have SICILIAN CANNOLI, that on my YouTube Channel you will also find a VIDEO RECIPE step by step. The typical dessert is a sweet and simple Palermo spoon: the recipe calls for the use of ricotta cheese, sugar, candied fruits, chocolate, cooked corn and cinnamon. All mixed in an aromatic amalgam, Saber, amazing softness, which of course the taste is reminiscent of the Sicilian cassata.


But there are also some variations of the recipe for cuccìa, such as those with custard, chocolate or the 'white cream’ that is made without eggs. The cuccìa is traditionally prepared and eaten in the Palermo and Syracuse in December 13, Feast of Saint Lucia. While in other parts of Sicily,  December 13 will always prepares a recipe with cooked wheat but salt, for example a soup with chickpeas or vegetables. Now, because on December 13 in Sicily we consume the cooked grain?

Everything refers to December 13, 1946, When in Palermo, stricken by a severe famine, finally he landed a ship loaded with wheat. The hunger of Palermo was such that they could not wait for the grain were milled and made into bread: They lessarono the way it was and ate it right away. So, December 13 in Palermo they avoid foods made with flour and eat cooked wheat with cuccìa, arancine (that they are made with rice), CECI Panelle OF FLOUR and rolls of Saint Lucia, made with corn flour.

The tradition is to prepare the Cuccìa with dry wheat, but since it is rarely you can use the precooked, properly treated. In the notes I explain how to do in case you want to use dry wheat. I leave the family recipe, the one who prepared my grandmother, Palermo, but presented in an original way. At this point, you just need to have a look at all my SICILIAN RECIPES, by SICILIAN SWEET and CAKES WITH CHEESE, to find something tasty and delicious whether you like it. Have a good day!


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  • 500 grams of fresh ricotta
  • 350 grams of precooked corn for pastiera (or 300 grams of dry wheat, are explained in the note under the recipe)
  • whole milk, to taste
  • 180 grams of extra fine granulated sugar
  • the grated rind of an orange organic
  • 70 grams of dark chocolate 70%
  • 30 grams of candied orange
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • a pinch of salt
  • candied cherries, to taste
  • pistachios, to taste


The kennel Sicilian ricotta

To prepare the Sicilian cuccìa with ricotta, put the grain precooked in a thoroughly under running water colander and rinse in order to eliminate the white parts and gelatinous, which I am nothing if not gelled starch. Put the corn in a pan, add a little milk and a pinch of salt, then low heat to boil for 10 minutes. In this way the grain is rehydrate and become creamier. Drain the corn and let cool completely

In a large bowl, work for a long time with a wooden spoon the ricotta and sugar: you will have to obtain a homogeneous mixture, creamy, No clumps. The ricotta for the Sicilian cuccìa should be creamy, soft. If your cottage cheese becomes too watery let a couple of hours in the refrigerator in a colander to drain. If it was too hard, pass it through a sieve to make it creamier.

Chop the chocolate and candied orange and add to the sugar and cream cheese with cinnamon and orange zest, finely grated. Finally, add to mixture for cuccìa the corn and mix well.

I recommend you prepare the Sicilian cuccìa with ricotta with a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap for contact. In this way the flavors will amalgamate and will be much good. Serve the Sicilian cuccìa with ricotta and garnish the surface of the cake with oranges and candied cherries. I have added as decoration some pistachio and candied pumpkin Sicilian, because I wanted a sweet and cheerful that immediately reminded me of my wonderful Sicily. You can also opt for a pinch of cinnamon or dried fruit, as Favorites.

THE PAIRING: ThecuccìaPalermo goes, at the end of a meal, with a grappa di Moscato. You prefer that produced with method a ' water bath’ Trentino Grappa Institute member companies ( ), Why are softer.

The Sicilian Cuccìa with ricotta


If you want to make the Sicilian cuccìa using the dry corn: carefully wash the wheat and put it to soak in cold water for at least two days, changing the water twice a day. The third day, put the corn in a large pot, cover with cold water, add a bit 'of salt and cook over low heat, stirring often (the grain, releasing starch, It tends to stick on the bottom of the pot): the beans should be cooked and soft, but still intact and tenacious, not undone. Let cool the grain completely, covered with plastic wrap in contact, before using.

The Sicilian Cuccìa with ricotta

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