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Beef rolls with Parma ham and pecorino cheese

by Ada Parisi
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Beef rolls with Parma ham and pecorino cheese. You know I don't like red meat and that I prepare rarely and I eat more rarely, but that's another story. Because these rolls are delicious, get a thin slice of beef and stuffed with prosciutto di Parma, semi seasoned pecorino and a little bread crumbs seasoned with Sage and oil, to give a perfume in addition to plate. Cooking? Simple: Onion, oil, Sage and white wine. I couldn't fail to prepare mashed potatoes, This also with pecorino, Why is the perfect outline for this rustic dish and tasty, you will definitely enjoy even the smallest (in this case, avoid white wine). I might even call them rolls saltimbocca alla romana, because the flavors are all there… I hadn't thought. If at Christmas or new year among the guests you have many children, This dish could be the right one, because it's nice to see if served with some forethought, but also delicious and flavorful. The Pan I used I was provided by Illa, company located in Noceto Parma, over fifty years of experience in the field of kitchen equipment and an export quota by about 90%. Belongs to the line Cook on rock induction, in non-stick material stone effect and makes it possible to cook even without fat, preserving the softness and texture of food and is perfect in case of delicate cooking, where it is good that the food fragile, how fragile are the rolls, does not stick to the pan for not spoiling. Among other things, Illa opened a few days ago an online shopping site (Illa shop online) where you can find all their productions, made in Italy, with discounts of 40%, 50% or more: I would recommend that you go and have a look, especially since Christmas is coming….

  • Ingredients for 4 people:
  • 8 slices of beef thinly sliced
  • 8 slices of Parma ham
  • Pdo Sardinian pecorino cheese sticks 8
  • 60 grams of stale bread crumbs
  • Fresh Sage as required
  • salt and pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil as required
  • 20 grams of butter
  • 1 small onion
  • enough flour to coat the spring rolls
  • 150 ml dry white wine

for the mashed potato

  • 4 small potatoes
  • 60 grams of grated pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano Pdo, whatever you prefer
  • whole milk as required
  • 20 grams of butter
  • salt and pepper

For the puree: boil the potatoes in salted water, Peel them, mash with potato masher. Put them in a saucepan with the butter on low heat, season with salt and pepper and add as much milk as needed to obtain a smooth, homogeneous and appriciated, then sprinkle with pecorino.

For the spring rolls: mix in a bowl the breadcrumbs, Sage, finely chopped, salt and pepper and mix everything with extra virgin olive oil, What is necessary to get a soft but very grainy. Lay the slices of beef on the working table, cover each with a slice of prosciutto di Parma, then sprinkle the Ham with the mixture of breadcrumbs. Hover over each slice a semi seasoned pecorino cheese stick and wrap the beef on himself, by folding the edges with care so that the stuffing does not spill out, until you get an egg roll. Stop every roll with one or two toothpicks. Pass each egg in flour: will serve to bind the sauce during cooking.

Fry the rolls in a pan with extra virgin olive oil rosolandoli high heat from all sides, so they are nicely Golden, then finely chop the onion and add it to spring rolls. Brown and deglaze with white wine. As the alcoholic part has evaporated, combine a cup of hot water (better would be vegetable stock and even better a little’ of veal gravy), season with salt, pepper and cook covered for 20-30 minutes.

At this point the rolls are cooked. Remove them from the Pan and, If necessary, do restrict the sauce over high heat until the desired density.

Serve the rolls with mashed potato. I like to serve them split into two and interspersed with pureed quenelle, but it's just cosmetic, the taste is still the same: very good!!! Bon appétit!

THE PAIRING: With a meat dish, accompanied by tasty ingredients and determined like ham and pecorino sardo, suggest a wine with intense aromas and complex. We chose the Negroamaro Salento Igp produced in Puglia Masseria Abbasi (Zonin wine group): a red style, round, full-bodied and harmonious, Negroamaro grapes in purity. The nose has hints of BlackBerry and ripe red fruit, with pleasant balsamic (Rosemary) and hints of liquorice and chocolate, donated by aging in small oak barrels for one year. To drink around 17-18° c.


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Silvana December 22, 2014 - 09:25

As usual a fabulous recipe, you are great !
A pleasure to read you and try your dishes I”opportunity to wish you Good and Delicious Feasts, While made waiting for your news for the new year.
Ad Majora Semper !

Sicilians creative in the kitchen December 22, 2014 - 09:29

Thanks Silvana! These days will come out different dishes which I hope you'll like, but check out the post about menus for Christmas and new year out last week. And happy holidays to you too! ADA


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