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Pistachio veal rolls

Tasty and quick Sicilian recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Involtini di vitello al pistacchio

Pistachio veal rolls, with rolled bacon and provola cheese. Easy to do, as you can see in this short VIDEO TUTORIAL. At home, in Sicily, we call them 'chops', term that outside the island is always interpreted incorrectly. Or as if they were steaks, mostly pork and often with bone. If you have been following me for a long time surely you already know the mythical Roulade TO MESSINESE of meat, or the SWORDFISH CHOPS.

These are yet another variant: prepared with soft veal and cooked in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Instead of grilled or grilled, as the Messina tradition dictates. I ate them, very similar, in a restaurant on Etna and I fell in love with it. Pistachio, that I put only inside the rolls (if you also put it outside it will burn out), gives these chops a particular taste.

You don't want to try them right away? Thanks to the cooking in a pan these veal rolls with pistachio become golden and crispy outside, deliciously soft and streamlined inside. And the veal is always very tender. If you are not in Sicily, and especially in Messina, where every butcher knows what you mean when you ask for meat for chops, I suggest the cut for strips or carpaccio.

The main difference between these rolls and the Messina chops is the way the meat is rolled up. The chops roll up on themselves and are a kind of tightly closed bundle. These rolls instead of simply roll up, per cigarette, and in Palermo they are also called “spitini”, or skewers. Several, Obviously, by FRIED SPITINI based on meatballs, salami and cheese. In short, I think I have given you several food for thought and delicacies, so have a good day!

Involtini di vitello al pistacchio


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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500 grams of strips or veal carpaccio (if you are in Sicily you just have to ask for the cut for 'chops')

grated stale bread crumbs , to taste

100 grams of rolled bacon

150 grams of provola or caciocavallo cheese

1 clove of garlic

fresh parsley, to taste

salt and pepper

40 grams of grated pecorino cheese

Green pistachio by Bronte Dop, to taste

extra virgin olive oil, to taste



Pistachio veal rolls

Pistachio veal rolls are simple to prepare: see how they are done in the VIDEO TUTORIAL step by step. First put extra virgin olive oil in a dish, pass the slices of veal in the oil on both sides and leave the meat in the oil for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, put in a bowl the crumb of stale bread coarsely grated. You can also use lightly stale box bread and smoothie in the mixer coarsely. Add the grated pecorino cheese, chopped parsley, a little salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Pass the slices of veal well greased in breadcrumbs seasoned on both sides, so that they are well covered with them.

Spread the slices of veal on a cut. Cut the provolone into sticks and coarsely chop the pistachio. Wrap each cheese stick in a little coppad bacon. Spread a little pistachio on the slices of meat and place a stick on each slice of veal. Roll the slices on themselves and stop them with a wooden skewer, as you see in VIDEO TUTORIAL.

Once all the skewers are completed, store them in the fridge covered with plastic wrap until ready to cook. You can cook veal rolls with pistachio grilled over high heat, on the grill, baked at 200 degrees ventilated for 15 minutes. Or try in the pan.

Put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in a pan, heat slightly and place the rolls in a pan. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes and turn the skewers to the other side. Continue cooking for another 10 minutes: veal rolls must be golden, inside the cheese perfectly melted. Serve them immediately and enjoy your meal!

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