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Peppered mussels Messina

by Ada Parisi
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Peppered mussels, or peppered mussels, Messina. Home Sweet Home: Today a plate of my city, Messina. Us, as I said, we call peppered mussels, strictly coming from Lake Ganzirri. A dish a breeze and easy, Prince in fish restaurants in my home, where is the most popular and traditional starters: mussels, parsley, garlic, little fresh tomato (There are also those who prefer it without, ' blue ') and much, so much black pepper. It is used to bring the peppered mussels in bowls on the table huge and steaming. The peppered mussels, in addition to being excellent, It is a very light dish, if only it were not required to consume slices of bread toasted and lightly greased with extra virgin olive oil to soak up all the sauce of impepata. And if you love the mussels you can not miss the mussels au gratin, the bucatini cacio e pepe with mussels or the spaghetti with mussels Sicilian.

Peppered Mussels TO MESSINESE (Sicilian recipe)

Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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2 pounds of mussels already cleaned

5 Piccadilly tomatoes

a bunch of parsley

ground black pepper, to taste

2 cloves of garlic

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

8 slices of homemade bread


To prepare the peppery peppered mussels or to Messina, you have to wash the mussels (If you are already clean simply wash them, otherwise you have to arm yourself with patience and retina and clean them with care, then rip out the fine and wash them well again). Peel the tomatoes (make a cross cut on each of them and sbollentatelo in boiling water for one minute: in this way the skin will go away immediately), then cut them in half, remove the seeds and vegetation water and cut them into fillets. Finely chop the parsley leaves.

Put the oil in a very large pan, The cloves of garlic and parsley stems. Sauté and brown the garlic and parsley well, then add the mussels. Turn up the heat, cover and Cook, stirring occasionally, until the mussels have opened. Add the tomato and parsley, finely chopped. Finally, abundant ground black pepper. I said plentiful.

Lightly coat the slices of bread and toast in a skillet. Serve the hot mussel impepata with its sauce and toasted homemade bread. Bon appétit!

MATCHING: From the union of the Grillo and Viognier grape varieties,, produced by Winery Feudoarancio (Wine Group Mezzacorona), the wine Dalila: a white (Doc Sicilia) aromas of tropical fruit and Jasmine, with a fruity and citrusy finish.


The peppered mussels can also be prepared 'blank' or simply without tomato. The taste of the mussels and sea will be even more intense.

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