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My New Year's Eve Dinner 2014

by Ada Parisi
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The New Year's Eve is the meal with which we close the old and open to new year, full of expectations, possibility, perspectives. My suggestion is to organize a Gala Dinner on tradition. Elaborating a fish-based menu that has some note of creativity, that is simple and above all with a special attention to value for money. So here's my ideas for a hearty dinner, with so many courses as required by the new year, but with an attention to spending especially in these times of crisis.

And I will show you, casomai ce ne fosse bisogno, You can eat good not spending a fortune, just be creative and put a finger in the pie. For you to come some good ideas you could start peeking at 25 FISH FIRSTS FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE, where you find dishes made with clams, seafood, first of tradition and creative and risotto. As for dessert, deserve a separate chapter and I suggest you read my article on SWEET 15 SPOON EASY AND ELEGANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

For the New Year Gala Dinner menu I thought of a structured menu, beginning with a aperitif finger food smoked salmon, Russian salad (that on new year's Eve can not miss) and prepared sardines two ways, a poor fish which is delicious especially with bubbles. Then a very traditional appetizer, two first, one pasta and one of rice (the only non-seafood dish to change some’ the flavor), a second fish easy but choreography with side dishes and a dessert buffet, well 4 different types for all tastes, all in comfortable (and belle) single portion. I tried not to use the usual King prawns, lobsters, snapper, tuna, preferring poor fish but yummy. Tell me what you think.

A classic Christmas appetizer: Russian salad, creamy and rich in vegetables

Russian salad

Let's start with the first of four finger food fish that I suggest for an aperitif. I advise you to combine all 4 Italian dishes a bubble, a Trento DOC Cantine Ferrari, obviously brut. The first finger is these single-portion cups with traditional RUSSIAN SALAD, I serve alone with toast, but with which you can fill cream puffs, tarts or convertible.


Sarde a beccafico

The second appetizer is sicilianissime SARDE A BECCAFICO, which by the way they are more good if made the day before. With the aroma of lemon and soft and flavorful filling they are delicious and easy to prepare.



Muffins with smoked salmon

Muffins with smoked salmon

Let's get back on the classic salmon with these delicious mini CUPCAKE WITH SALMON smoked, sour cream and pink pepper. The muffins can prepare them in the morning and then garnish with sour cream (or greek yogurt if you prefer) and serve.




As a final finger here still FRIED SARDINES, poor fish par excellence: just pass in flour and fried are delicious, especially if combined with a glass of sparkling wine. The fried fish is a must for New Year's Eve: served well, at the beginning of the meal and in small quantity, It is a whim that does not weigh on the rest of the dinner! Alternatively, still wanting to prepare something fried according to tradition, I propose the COD’ FRIED NEAPOLITAN or that BATTER IN ROMAN.

polpoallinsalata2LOGOAfter having enticed your guests with an aperitif, pass all'antipasto real. Here I was on the classic, a OCTOPUS AND POTATO SALAD, but presented in a different way and accompanied by a tasty sauce with parsley and balsamic vinegar reduction drops. Is’ a light meal, not binding on the stomach, given the vastness of Cenone!



As a first course I wanted to do something different from the usual crustaceans or molluscs that are served at New Year. Ben are lobsters, prawns and lobsters, but in times of crisis I decided to promote another type of fish: i calamari. Hence I recommend PASTA WITH SQUIDS, PEAS AND LEMON: an aromatic and perfumed dish, playing a lot on aesthetics, with the dough disposed in the foot and in random order on the plate and the squid that are a counterpoint and 'peep’ by rings of dough. Is’ a delicious dish in its simplicity. Alternatively, They are perfect for SPAGHETTI SAUCE OCTOPUS, prepared with tomato and red wine, oppure i RIGATONI WITH SQUIDS, ARTICHOKES AND LEMON, a delicate and refined dish.

Now we come to the risotto. There propose three: one BLACK OF SEPIA, very choreographic, following the trend of the whole fish menu. One with the different flavors, that break a little’ the pace of the Gala Dinner, done with TALEGGIO CHEESE, POTATO AND TRUFFLE. And finally a creative, with LEEK, CHESTNUT AND RED WINE REDUCTION. You choose what you prefer.

Sea bass rolls with artichokes and mayonnaise

Sea bass rolls with artichokes and mayonnaise

The second I chose for this New Year are ROLLS BASS (or bream or white fish you prefer) stuffed artichokes, accompanied by a lime mayonnaise and artichoke hearts au gratin. Is’ a very simple dish to prepare and choreography: I love everything that is filling, I think the curiosity to see what's inside increases appetite! Mayonnaise is acidic due to the presence of lime, and it accompanies well both the fish is artichokes au gratin, very tasty but simple. You can prepare everything before and reheat in the oven at the last moment. An excellent alternative is any type of FISH IN SALT, always perfect for parties.

Shortbread tarts with orange and raspberry chantilly

Tartlets with whipped orange and raspberries

After all these good things I hope you still room for the dessert buffet! I thought of four kinds of cakes all in single portions, so that each one can also sample more than one dessert and not leave the pens! I made sure to please some’ all: the Tartlets DIPLOMATIC CREAM AND RASPBERRIES for those who love fruit and delicate desserts. And I suggest you read my article on SWEET 15 SPOON EASY AND ELEGANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS




The custard puffs both white and chocolate-covered (it is impossible to say no to a cream puff).





Chocolate Tart, salted caramel cream

Chocolate Tart, salted caramel cream

The cupcakes with salted caramel, chocolate and cream for incurable sweet tooth.





MacaronAnd finally, for the more sophisticated they love sweets but in moderation, the chocolate macarons, bites off, without remorse.


You've already seen these recipes?


bruno December 29, 2013 - 11:39

Sincere congratulations ! Shame not to find more flights available to reach you , I was satisfied just reading . Happy new year !

Sicilians creative in the kitchen December 29, 2013 - 11:44

Thanks Bruno! Is’ true, flights to Sicily tend to sell well end up in a hurry… next time we organize ourselves in time! Happy holidays!!! ADA

2 Friends in the kitchen December 26, 2013 - 16:37

Hi, I join your guests for dinner? all delicious treats, One kiss

Sicilians creative in the kitchen December 26, 2013 - 17:30

You are very welcome! I'll wait to 20!!!! Big hugs, ADA


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