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Guide to Agira in Sicily: What to see in one day

In the province of Enna: Ancient and surprising

by Ada Parisi
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Itinerari di viaggio: Agira, in Sicilia

Guide to Agira in Sicily: what to see in one day in this small town in the province of Enna about 800 meters above sea level. Think of a country that lights up golden at sunset, Where every road is uphill or downhill, with spectacular views as far as the eye can see, from the volcano Etna to Lake Pozzillo, from the Nebrodi mountains to the Madonie. I'll show you in a VIDEO ITINERARY All the beauty of this small village in the Sicilian hinterland. It's not my thing, but I can't fail to point out that a few kilometers from Agira there is the Sicilia Outlet Village, The perfect place for shopaholics. If you don't have a car, You can reach it with private transfers FROM SYRACUSE or FROM CATANIA. Or, You can RENTING A CAR from Palermo, Catania, Ragusa , Enna and the other main Sicilian cities to reach Agira in comfort.

If you decide to spend a weekend in Agira, maybe even visiting the nearby Leonforte, Ispica or Calascibetta, I suggest some places to stay. First of all HOUSES IN THE VILLAGE, A hospitality facility spread throughout the town, Very impressive. And then DOMUS TEJA: A special house, Equipped with every comfort and right in the center.

Visit Agira, Sicilian village of ancient origins

Agira, which today has about 8 thousand inhabitants, it is one of the oldest towns in all of Sicily, with Greek origins and an illustrious past. It is said to have been founded even before the Trojan War and it is the birthplace of the historian Diodorus Siculus (I century B.C. C), one of the first historians of antiquity together with the Greek Herodotus. The village climbs the mountain and is dominated by the remains of the Saracen castle, nestled at the top of Mount Teja, that exceeds 800 meters. Below, the valley of the Salso and Simeto rivers and the lake of Pozzillo.

Agira is rich in medieval churches, including the Norman ones, partly rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1693, and noble palaces. Every year in Agira there is the "Feast of St. Blaise", which attracts tourists from all over Sicily and the province of Enna. And an important monastery is dedicated to St. Blaise, where there is a library full of ancient manuscripts.

For its artistic heritage, Historical and Archaeological has been named City of Art by the Region of Sicily. Today it is a iImportant centre of agricultural production, From oil to wheat, up to the almonds, passing through a dairy production of excellence: the Caciocavallo Agirese. And if you've never tasted the infasciateddi (biscuits filled with almonds and honey) and the cassatelle of Agira You definitely have to fix it. They are shortcrust ravioli filled with cocoa, Chickpea flour, Almonds and spices. And once you try them, you'll get addicted to them. Discover the other Sicily.


  • the ruins of the Castle, at the top of Mount Teja: Only the remains of the octagonal tower and some galleries remain
  • the church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • the church of San Salvatore which houses the Jewish Aron (the oldest in Europe)
  • the church of Sant'Antonio Abate
  • the church of Santa Margherita
  • Lake Pozzillo
  • St. Philip's Abbey, which stands where once there was a Greek monastery
  • the district of the Rocche di San Pietro
  • the naturalistic museum of Diodorus Siculus


  • Caciocavallo Agirese
  • the cassatelle of Agira and the infasciateddi of the Bottega delle Cassatelle


  • farmhouse Canalotto
  • modern trattoria Seeasily
  • Houses in the Borgo

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Philip 31 October 2023 - 16:04

Very good initiative
It would also be better to indicate a real tourist route

Ada Parisi 31 October 2023 - 16:07

Hi Philip, You're right. But the route should be done by the pro-loco. I recommended what I saw, but if they would do some thematic path I would be happy to divulge it. See you soon


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